Saturday, April 30, 2005

Whats going on this week....

I am 32 weeks and 2 days...the beginning of week 33! 54 days left! Well its 11:30 Sat. night...tomorrow I will have 54 days till my due date. :) I am uncomfy and I can't sleep...all the joys of mommyhood are starting! heehee

Your Baby this week 33
Your baby now weighs about 4.4 lbs (2000g) and measures about 12 inches (30cm) from crown to rump and about 19.4 inches (43cm) in total.
Now that your baby is running out of room in your womb, you can probably see the shape of a foot, an elbow or a knee as your baby kicks.
Your baby may dream as he sleeps and when awake may be alert, listening, feeling and even seeing dim shapes.
Though your baby is still inside the womb, he is learning all the time as billions of neurons are making connections.
Your baby is probably in his birth position by now.
Your baby's lungs may be sufficiently developed by now, though if he were born now, he would probably still need an incubator to stay warm.


Friday, April 29, 2005

Baby Dreams....

Well, we had our first class last Wed. night. It gives you the basics, and LOTS or relaxation techniques (which I love). Deep breathing, Tim giving me massages, Focusing... Getting ready for our BIG DAY! It is coming sooo soon! We are getting so excited. 56 DAYS LEFT till my DUE DATE (maybe sooner, but not toooo soon, gotta keep this lil one growing)! I am 32 weeks today! Starting the 33rd! Time feels like it is dragging, but before I know it another week has gone by.

So far so good, Had a good report with Dr. Lenowitz. I still have to see him weekly. Still on modified bedrest. I can only work a few hrs. a day and have to lay on my left side most of the time. He said that whatever I am doing, I need to keep doing. I have been following the is worth it for our boy. He said he is prob. about 4 pounds.

I am getting the itch to do things though and it is sooo hard. Esp. when I am so uncomfy just laying around. heehee Tim has been wonderful and really helpful to me. He does not complain and is so supportive. He will be the best daddy! He is working so hard on the baby's room! I can't wait!

Had a sweet dream about our son last night. I have lots of VIVID dreams as all the books tell you that you will. It was dark (maybe chillin im my womb) and we were at the beach. My boy was a chubby lil thing, with dark hair and a smile that would light up the room (or my womb...heehee) He wanted to put his feet in the water...and I said it was too cold...he looked at me with these BIG EYES and GORGEOUS SMILE and said, "It's OK..." To me though...I feel like it had a deeper meaning, I keep replaying it in my head. It has been a rough road. Not as tough for most, but not easy, and I worry...but it was like he was telling me not too...

Anyway...gotta go for now. I will add some info in a little while :)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

Well, not much is going on. Tim hooked up my laptop so I can lay here on my left side and type. So I am chillin and there is nothing on TV. I have been working on my Thank You many to write. I was so blessed! My handwriting is not as good, thanks to my swelly lil fingers. I should finish all of them tonite hopefully.

Tim has been working sooo hard on our sweet little boy's room. I can't wait so see the finished room. He is painting now as I type.

61 days till my due date! (June 24th)

Here is everyone's guesses so far according to our guestbook...

Corey June 22nd
Alexis June 1st - 8lbs10oz
Dave L. June 11
Megan K. June 17th - 8lbs
Julie June 19 - 6lbs8oz
Kara June 30th - 7lbs14oz
Denise June 27th- 7lbs11oz
Rob P. July 11th

If you have a guess, let us know...we can take a poll. :) Make it interesting.. wink, wink to write some more TY notes!!!



Actually its Sunday, but only by an hour or so. Anyway, I continued working on the baby room today. I painted the stripe some more and it is starting to shape up. Tomorrow morning I will finish painting the final coat, peel the tape and then paint the bottom part of the wall.

Today was pretty uneventful except for working on the baby room and lounging around. Can keeps getting wierd pains here and there, but all in all she is doing pretty well considering she has a 3-4 pound baby in her belly. Last night we had a date. We pulled the sleep sofa out and watched some wierd movie about an all girl punk rock band. I went to Lowes and bought popcorn and went to Red Brick Station and got dinner and came back and we hung out and watched the movie and had a fun little time. I can't imagine that in a couple months we will no longer be able to watch movies or go places alone. It's a wierd thought, but I'm looking forward to having someone call me daddy!

I'm in the process of converting the baby 3D ultrasound DVD to my computer so I can edit it and put clips on the site. Stay tuned...

Daddy OUT!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Well yeeeup...

As Can mentioned, the Dr. thinks the baby will be here early. We'll see what happens, but we are taking everything one day at a time and saying our prayers and crossing our fingers and toes and hope (and know deep down inside) that everything will happen when its supposed to. :)

Everything is in God's hands anyway, so if he decided that Tyler needed to meet us tomorrow for some reason, what can we do about it except go along for the ride and meet our little man 2 months early. Can started her 32 week, so thats cool. I can NOT wait to meet my baby boy. Can is so precious and adorable and I love her so much. She has really been strong and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

I can't wait to meet this baby though!!!

Can mentioned that I painted the magnetic paint. Yeeeup. I've got the stripe in the room almost finished and I've taken pictures, so I'll post them once everything is done along with final picts of the room. It should turn out really really nice. Can's mom should be an interior decorator. She has a knack for that type of stuff. Meanwhile I'm content with white walls and ceilings...ha ha...

Tomorrow I finish the stripe in the room and then paint the bottom half of the wall. I bought a paint sprayer, hooked it up to my compressor and painted the molding to go on the wall and it turned out rather nice. For the past 3 days I had been brushing the paint on, but it turned out too thin and you could see the primer behind it. But today I broke out the new sprayer and let me tell you, I had everything painted in no time at all and its a thick coat and looks great. It was easy too! I think I'll be spraying the fence with this bad boy! Picts will be posted when everything is done.

Even though Can keeps bringing baby clothes up and hanging them in Tyler's closet, the downstairs STILL looks like an aisle from Babies R' Us!!! hee hee....

Take care everyone and God bless!

T-Dad out and ready for the weekend.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Starting my 32nd week!

Well, It's been a interesting ride! Let me tell ya...We are hanging in there :) Bedrest, while not fun, esp. when you are well worth it...keeping this lil one growing. Each day is a blessing....63 days till my due date...Dr. thinks it might be sooner than that...We'll see...I feel like our boy is trying to get out now the way he has been kicking! I think we got us a lil soccer star!

My shower was so lovely! It was amazing. MY Aunt Marge and Erin (Our boy's Godmommy) gave it to us...It was wonderful as Tim told ya. The decorations, the food, the cake was adorable...everything was wonderful! We got so many lovely things! All our friends and some family were there. I have sooo many pregger friends too! It was nice they came. Ashes is gonna have TWINS! And Melissa is due is 4 weeks!!! I feel so blessed and lucky to have so many amazing people around me. MWAH to you all!

Tim has been busy working on the Mom designed it. It is gonna be off the hook! Totally a BOY room with airplanes and stars! I can't wait till it is finished! Tim painted the magnetic paint today...just a hint for ya...We will have to post pictures of the progress.

Tim has been amazing...foot rubs and back rubs every day! Am I lucky or what! MWAH to my honey!

31 weeks is what is in store for this week!
Your Baby This Coming Week 32
Your baby's total length is 18.9 inches (42cm) and he is perfectly formed! He measures about 11.6 inches (29cm) from crown to rump. All he has to do is fill out more. Your baby weighs almost 4 pounds (1800g). If she were to be born now, she would still need to be incubated as he has insufficient fat stores to keep it warm.
Your baby can distinguish between light and dark.
Your baby can hear the outside world quite well now, and can also hear the sounds of your heartbeat, your digestion and the blood rushing in the umbilical cord. The pitch of women's voices are in the range babies are most able to hear over all the internal background noise. Your baby is already familiar with your voice and will be able to recognize it after birth. Awwwwwww!!!

Much love to all!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff...

Well, we got lots happenin' in the Minnicks household. I started the baby's room. I haven't really done much other than draw lines on the walls and paint some molding. But I'm gonna probably slap some paint on the walls Thursday night. Gotta get this room done!!!

We have signed up for 3 classes. Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Child Birthing (3 week class!) and a tour of the OBTLC. We start the A&PM tomorrow night. Then next wednesday starts the child birthing classes. I'm looking forward to them! Can is gonna do so awesome. She is so strong and I know that she is gonna kick right through this birthing thing if its anything like the 75 other surgery's she has had! ha ha. Seriously though, she'll do great.

Can's blood pressure is still high, so she has to go to the dr. every week now and we'll see how it goes. Then in 2 weeks she has to go and get the baby checked every week to make sure things are cool. She's doing great and the baby is doing great though and we can't wait to meet him!

This pregnancy thing is TOUGH! I give props to everyone who has been through it and thank my lucky stars that I am a male because otherwise the family name would stop here....ha ha....or...thinking about it, the family name would stop here anyway if I weren't a get the point I think. :)

Can had a baby shower this Sunday. It was SO cool. It was at Desantis Restaurant, given by Erin and Aunt Marge. There were over 30 people there, all Can's friends. She/we/Tyler got tons of stuff and right now our dining room looks like an aisle from Baby's R' Us!!! Once I finish the baby's room I'll move everything upstairs and make it all neat. But she/we/Tyler got so much stuff that we are overwhelmed. Kinda like that first time we walked into Baby's R' Us to register. ha ha... Thanks, hugs and love to everyone!

Can is sleeping and I'm gonna join her in a few minutes....

T-Dad Out and ready for beddie bye....good night to all.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

So I sit here... awe just thinking about Candace and what she is going through and finding comfort in the fact that she is one of the strongest people I know and that I hope just 2% rubs off on our little boy. If it does (and I know it will) he'll be the bestest, strongest little guy that I know. Ya see we had another little scare tonight. Candace has been home sick the last couple days and today when I got home she told me that she had pains in her back and when she went up to take a shower she threw up. So I called the doctor and he told us to come into the emergency room and he'd take a look. Well 4+ hours later Can found out that she was dehydrated from being sick and they gave her a (BIG) bag of sodium chloride (and we watched tons of TV), they did tons of tests, then sent us merrily on our way (but it didn't go by as fast as it seems like it did on this post) 4+ hours later. But then again, knowing that nothing was seriously wrong was VERY comforting and I'd do the 4+ hours again in a heartbeat just so Can doesn't have to worry that something is wrong. The funny thing is, our boy was kicking ALL over the place and when they put the thingamabob on her belly to monitor the baby, he wouldn't stay still and they ended up moving it like 15 times and it still wasn't accurate. He was kicking and pounding and just loving life. I can't wait to meet him. The time draws closer...

Can, I love you. I wish I could take an ounce of what you are going through away from you and put it on me to help you out....

For all those expecting, I read a GREAT quote the other day...

"The days go by slow, but the years go by fast"

That's me being philisophical (and not knowing how to spell it.) How true is that? It makes me tear up just thinking that in a couple years our boy is gonna be going off to college and I only have $500 in his college fund!!!! (joking of course. I have more than a "couple" years) :)

Well its getting late so I'm gonna go in and snuggle up to my honey and catch a few Z's. But I probably won't be able to snuggle thanks to that dang pillow that takes up 3/4 of the bed.... hee hee...

The baby's room gets started this weekend!!!!


Friday, April 15, 2005

30 weeks down and 70 days to go!

It is so hard to believe I have 10 weeks left. I remember getting my first ultrasound at 10 weeks. There is so much left to do!!! Tim is starting on the nursery this weekend. I can't wait! We signed up for all our classes and the tour. It is getting more and more exciting! I still can't believe I am gonna be a MOM!

We had a scary my routine Dr. appt. My blood pressure was elevated and my legs, feet and hands were swelling. I have to have my BP checked again Tues. Hopefully it goes down. Until then I have to take it easy. Let me tell ya...I am soooo good at that...But I was scared because they tested me for Preeclampsia. I had all my blood tests and all my numbers came back great. I was scared I would have to deliver my son early and he would have to be in the NICU cause being in my belly would not be the best for him. Now that everything is OK, 70 days does not seem so long after all.

And I just have to say how lucky our boy is gonna be having Tim as his daddy. Tim takes such good care of me, pregnant or not, he really will do anything for me. I am certain he will go to the end of the earth for our son. It really warms my heart when I think about it. He had read every book and is really getting ready to be the best daddy. He is the cutest.
I am so blessed and lucky.

Here is what is gonna go on with our son this week!!!

Your Baby This Week (week 31)
Your baby now weighs about 3.5 lbs (1600g) and measures about 18 inches (40cm) in total and about 11.2 inches (28cm) from crown to rump.
Your baby's increasing size means that she has less room to move around in your uterus.
Your baby could already be moving into the head-down position.
Your baby's lungs are maturing and their lining, which prevents air sacs from collapsing, is growing. This lung development means that your baby would have a much greater chance of survival if he were born prematurely.
About 16 fluid ounces of blood are flowing through the wall%2

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not much going on...

Can isn't feeling well today. I'm tired but handling it. Been putting in 60 hours a week and haven't had time to even think about the baby's room. But that will all change this weekend hopefully and I'll be able to get rollin' on the baby's room and at least get it cleaned up and maybe painted or start something at LEAST. I feel like such a slacker. I have so much stuff to do around the house, I'm glad the weather is starting to finally break. Just in time for a little baby. 2+ months to go....

I can't wait....


Monday, April 11, 2005

74 days and counting down!!!

I am getting so seems so close, yet so far away. We still have so much to do!

My boy is kicking like crazy at the moment! It is such an amazing feeling as the kicks get stronger and stronger. Yesterday I put a pillow on my tummy and Tim and I watched his little soccer practice as he was kicking the lil pillow off. So fun! Sometimes I can feel his lil bottom (or something) up by my ribs. It is not a comfy feeling, but he is getting bigger and bigger, and 10.4 weeks to go! My Dr. appt was last wed. but they had to cancel with us because another little one was being delivered. :) So it is this Wed. now. Pretty soon I will have to go to the Dr. every 2 weeks. Tick, tock, tick, tock!

Congrats to my beautiful friends whom are gonna be parents...I am not sure if they want the news out, or for me to be the one to tell...but they are people who are dear to my heart and I am so thrilled for them! They will be wonderful parents! Lucky baby!

Here is going on this WEEK 30!!!!

"Your Baby This Week
Your baby now weighs about 3 lbs (1400g), measures about 10.8 (27cm) inches from crown to rump and measures about 17 inches (38cm) from head to toe.
Your baby is probably aware of your Braxton Hicks contractions, which you experience regularly, even when you do not notice them.
By this time, your baby is very active and you feel its movements frequently.
Your baby is still practicing breathing movements which have now become rhythmic.
Sometimes your baby gets the hiccups when she accidentally swallows amniotic fluid the wrong way.
She is getting fatter and plumper. On an ultrasound, you can see your baby's activities quite easily.
Your baby has periods of rest and periods of activity now. Your baby is probably most active when you are trying to rest. (So true!)"

MWAH to all!


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Circle of Life

My Pop-pop passed away last night at 10:58 pm. I am sad because I will miss him, but am happy he is no longer in pain and he is in heaven dancing with my Mom-mom as we speak. He can walk again, travel if he wants too, is hanging out with the Pope...he is free, and I like to think he is playing with our son and getting to know him. Thank you for all yout thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday morning we were able to see our little boy's sweet little face. As daddy Tim told ya, we had our 3D ultrasound. My Mom, Sister Alexis, Aunt Sandy, Brother Jordan, Megan, and cousin Erin were all there with Tim and I. My dad stayed with my Pop-pop to take care of him.

Tim will be posting pictures, but here is a sneak peak :)
The tech said he had chubby lil cheeks and could tell he was a big baby. We saw his little private parts and he is definitely a boy. He was pretty relaxed and comfy in my tummy. He was smiling, frowning, waving his lil arms around, sticking his tongue out. It is hard to believe that he is our little boy and I will be able to meet him in 82 days!

Here is what is going on with the baby this week. (Week 29) (11.4 more weeks to go)

Your Baby This Week
Your baby now weighs about 2.7 lbs (1250g), measures about 10.4 inches (26cm) from head to toe, and is around 16.7 inches (37cm) long. It is plumper and rounder, and its head and body are beginning to be in proportion.
Your baby now uses all of its senses. It can see, taste, recognize touch and the sound of your voice.
During the last trimester, your baby will receive antibodies from you through your placenta that will provide immunity from many diseases.
Your baby's adrenal glands are producing androgen-like substances. Androgens are normally male sex hormones, but in late pregnancy, when they reach the placenta they are turned into estrogen which in turn stimulates the production of prolactin in your body. Prolactin is the hormone needed for milk production. In this exchange, your baby is beginning to stimulate milk production in your breasts so that when he is born there will be food waiting for him.

Love you all...


Saturday, April 02, 2005

Life's the same, I'm moving in stereoooo....

We had the 3D ultrasound today and it was incredible. The baby was very cooperative and we got some great pictures and a DVD of the session. I'll be posting pictures and video of the session within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Candace is doing well, we are just chuggin' along waiting to meet the little guy. :)

Congrats to Jon and Sharon on the birth of their baby Nia.
Congrats to Pat and Kelly on the birth of their baby Luke Patrick.

2 friends down about 5 more to go...

T Out!