Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holy Cow My Boy is Getting Big!!!

Today I took Ty's training wheels off his bike. He rode his 2 wheeler no problem at all. I didn't even have to run with him, he took off pedaling and rode around the field like a little BMX'er. He made his daddy very proud today.

I guess that little bike with no training wheels and no pedals that we got him at Target for $12 paid off. It is a wooden bike that was marked down from $50 and its supposed to teach balance. Well it worked...

I love you Ty. Congratulations! Time for a motorcycle!!! heh heh...


**Pictures have been updated in the picts/video section (Planting trees for Casey and Sebastian, Day out with Thomas... and the first time without training wheels pictures :) ... Candace

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its been a while...

I know....
After our dear Sebastian passed... our lives began a roller coaster ride that landed us in a a confusing dark tunnel. We have another dog Casey. He was our first pup and we adopted him as a puppy right after Tim and I got married. He was 11. He has had diabetes for almost 3 years and was getting old and grouchy. He was depressed after Sebastian passed, but quickly took to being the only dog. However, he was still grouchy and getting worse. When he was around Tyler, we made sure to muzzle him. He started snapping here and there. One day, a couple weeks ago... Tyler and I were playing fetch. I was watching closely... and we were all having fun. I made sure Casey and Ty were not real close. Then it happened. Casey leapt for Tyler and bit him. He bit him in the mouth and it bled so bad. Luckily it was more inside and it has healed. I was so upset. First, taking care of my baby, incredible guilt and knowing that Casey would have to go away. My heart ached as I watched my little guy cuddled next to me, with the ice and fear in his eyes. I didn't protect him enough. It all happened so fast. So Tim and I called Dr. Luntz (vet) and called Dr. Feldman (Ty's Dr). We had to wait at least 10 days to put Casey down. It was killing us. As the days went by, Casey's health was failing. Some people relayed their stories and said that sometimes animals act out when they are getting sicker because they cannot really communicate. Casey was sad more than he was happy. He hated getting needles every day, 2x a day. He hated the same diabetic food everyday. He was sleeping more and more. We tried to find him a new home, we contacted shelters.... We tried everything. No one wants an old sick dog, that is aggressive and has attacked someone.
We decided that it was best to send him back home. He passed away on April 15th.
Casey deserves peace. He deserves a good meal cooked by Tim's dear Mom. He deserves to run free. All our loved ones that have passed will take care of him till we meet again. Casey and Sebastian are playing together once again in beautiful green fields with flowers everywhere...
We will miss Casey so much. He was the "trick" dog. He would sit, roll over, crawl, dance, high five, and sing (one old Another Lincoln song). He loved playing. Fetch was his favorite. He loved getting his back scratched and his ears rubbed. He loved when his Daddy would come home from work. He never needed a leash. He listened so well. He loved to hang out with his Daddy in the garage, or when Tim would build something new. They were buddies and he was my little boy. He loved to cuddle with me, and put his little head on my shoulder and sleep. Thats how I want to remember him. We are so grateful for the time we had with him. Every special moment is imprinted on my heart forever. Casey Maximillion Minnicks will never be forgotten.
(We love you Casey. We know you are happy now, wagging your little tail and getting lots of love.
We miss you so much it hurts. Give Sebby a couple kisses from us. We love you both.)
Tim, Candace and Ty we are...we have been in this dark tunnel for a while, however... Light finds its way. After Sebby passed, we didn't think we would get another dog for years. Plans change. We bought Ty a dog (the same day he was bit). It just kind of happened. We didn't want him to have a fear of dogs, we wanted a dog he could play with and grow up with. A puppy to distract him from Casey. I I think she distracted us from the journey we were about to take. We adopted a little girl Puggle (great with children) and named her "Lucy"... she is silly and funny... the name works. Looking up the name... it means "Light".
Lucy will never replace our dear dogs that have passed... she is here to remind us that life goes on.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support.