Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing Pirates

Tyler entertains me so much.
Tonite, he put on a rock show and "dance party"... he was just so hilarious. Picture Ty banging away on his drums, while Tim and I dance around like fools. We all are singing his made up song "dance party, dance party"... it has a nice groove. haha
Then we venture up to bed, and Tim of course brings the foam swords he got for his birthday from Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie... Ty loves them... so we watch his little imagination go to work.
"Avast, Matey"... as he spins and swings his pirate sword around... "walk the plank"... Of course Daddy acts that part out, so well I might add... haha He scrunches up his little face, trying to make a mean face, and it is so cute. Then Ty wants to walk the plank... Its just so much fun around here.
We talk about the day... playing at Ben's house, Eleni having a new baby brother born today, and Conner has a new baby sister, playing with Lucy, riding the 4-wheeler...cuddles and kisses...
I then read him his new favorite book "I Love You Stinky Face" (gift from Jack).... He said, "I love you Mommy, have a good night sleep"... He is such a sweetheart.

Congratulations to the Fotis and Bartynski families on your new additions!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday TyTy!!!!!

Well Tyler is 3 (as Mommy stated below). I won't go into the details that Candace already went into, so I'll just say that Tyler repeatedly makes my day brighter. He knows so much and is just amazing. Last night he put on a performance for Nick, playing Run To The Hills and You Give Love A Bad Name. Old school metal, you go Ty!!! Anyway, Daddy is very proud of all your accomplishments. Thank you for being the most incredible little guy I've ever met. I love you!

I love you too Candace! Thank you for giving me the best gift in the world, Tyler.

Daddy T

Sunday, June 08, 2008


You are 3 years old! I cannot believe it!
We had a busy week! Tuesday we had a Playgroup Party with Ty's buddies. We painted pirate ships and swam in the pool.
Pizza and Pirate cake..good stuff! He got lots of good presents! Thomas, to golf, to bubbles...and a rocking pirate shirt! Thanks guys! Friday, Ty, Daddy and I went to Kobe to celebrate Ty's birthday. Ty was excited, but a little afraid of the fire... after a while, he loved it. The chef really made over Tyler. Ty wanted steak... so he got filet... Kids meal? Good Lord... the Chef hooked him up.. he had filet, chicken and shrimp. Too funny! We got him the birthday special where he gets a cute little mug. We picked the monkey holding its ears. It was perfect....If anyone has seen our Disney pictures, then you understand. haha They took a picture of us...it was cute.
Today we went out to Lunch with Ma Cheri after the yard sale in our neighborhood. Ty got a little haircut...we didn't lose the curls. After we said goodbye to MaCheri...we went home, swam a little and then went to ToysRUs to pick out a birthday present... Ty got a 4 wheeler and he just LOVES it! The batteries are charging...but he sat on it all night saying "Thank you so much....I LOVE THIS...ITs SuperCOOL!" He does not know, but we also got him a "bigger amp" for his guitar. The guitar he got for christmas had a little amp and he did not like it at all... haha He is gonna be so surprised! Then we get ready for his big Pirate Carnival Party!
So exciting!
I better get some rest...haha
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!
We love you...you bless our lives. You are coolest little dude. Our favorite person. Happy 3rd Birthday!
Daddy and Mommy (Lucy too)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Less than a week!!!

Tyler will be 3 in less than a week now. It has really snuck up on us!
Tim and Tyler are downstairs finishing the basement. Its pretty cute!
So many birthdays!
We went to Talia and Mara's party last week and had a nice time. Tim bounced in the bounce house with Talia and had yummy cake. Yesterday we went to Isabella's party across the street. Ty had a great time! Tomorrow we have Conner's 3rd Birthday at Chik Fil A... Whew!
Happy Birthday to everyone!!!