Friday, August 19, 2011

Long awaited TY update!!!

Ty just had his 6 year Dr. appt!!! NO SHOTS (until the flu shot anyway)... He weighed 46 3/4 lbs and was 46 inches tall. He was in the 50/50% ... Dr. Feldman said otherwise, he is perfect. He is just growing so fast. Its hard to believe he is 6. He had a Star Wars Birthday party complete with an awesome Stormstrooper making an appearance. We just got back from OC and he had a blast! He loved the waves and playing in the sand... rode all the ride and was just about too tall for the boats inside Trimpers rides. I could not believe it! Good thing he could ride though. That was always my favorite ride. He is still doing TaeKwonDo...and has his Super GREEN belt... I believe he tests next week for the Blue belt... He also just started playing soccer for St. Ursula's... he has had one practice so far and just loves it. He graduated from Kindergarten doing really well... he reads incredibly well and can write really well too. He starts the 1st grade very soon! He is the best big brother to Chace,.. he is so loving and patient. He gives him so much attention and Chace just beams and squeals. He thinks Ty is the coolest! Ty is just so loving and helpful.. He has even helped with changing diapers and anytime we ask him to do something, he does it right away... We just love him so much and we are so incredibly proud of him. We are blessed, thats for sure!!!