Friday, May 23, 2008

Less than a month

Our little man will be 3 years old! I cannot believe it myself. He is just the greatest little person. I love him so much.
He is starting to say the funniest things. He has quite a sense of humor too. Ty is so independent. I want to freeze time and say, stop growing so fast! I am sure other parents can relate.
Some funnies
I asked him... "Ty, what do you want for breakfast?"
He exclaimed "COOKIES!"
I said, "Now Ty, we need to choose something a little more nutritious."
He says "Diet cookies?"
Um, yeah... I have no idea. haha
The other day we were getting in the car and I was buckling him in his seat. He likes to climb into his carseat "I can do it myself mommy"... sometimes he ventures into the drivers seat, which will require a 3 count and time out threat... but as I was buckling him in this time, he was kinda pleading his case. haha
"I am getting so big Mommy. I can pee standing up, ride a 2 wheeler, write letters, and drive a car..."
Too cute.
He is a mini rockstar. He loves his guitar, He makes the greatest rock faces. The other day he was standing on the coffee table like a stage and kept reaching for my hand. Then I realized, he is reaching for my hand like rockstars do reaching out to their fans.


We were at Tim's Dad's house when his brother Jerry was in town. He was petting Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eli's dog Ginger. Someone commented on the dogs bad breath and Ty said "We all can't be perfect."

His Aunt Debbie told us he said, "I like your bathroom Aunt Debbie, Its very pink." Later when I took him potty, he said, "Mommy, its a guurl bathroom, its ok, I can pee here." Very matter of fact.


Knock Knock jokes are his new thing...

He makes them up.

Knock Knock
Who's there
Percy who
Percy choo choo train

Knock Knock
Who's there
Doggy who
Doggy poops on the floor

Here is the clever one...

Knock Knock
Who's There
Mommy who?
Mommy, get me a cookie please???


All of Tyler's friends are getting new brothers or sisters already or very soon.
I asked him if he wanted a new brother or sister... He thinks about it and says...
"Hmmmm, probably not."

However, later, he told us of all the things he would teach a baby brother (no guuurls he said) haha
"I would teach them to read books, to play choo choo trains, to go potty, to ride a 2 wheeler, to play rolling (bowling) game (wii)," etc.
It was so sweet.

The other day he say a baby doll that I had in the closet and he said "Is that a doll?" I said "Yes, would you like to hold it?"
He said "No, thats for guuurls (girls), I'm a pirate!"


He loves to work at Poppy's office where he loves sitting next to Aunt Megs and "work".
He is very serious about his work. I asked him what he would like to drink, he told me.
"Not now mommy, I am working."


His previous favorite color of pink has been replaced by yellow.
He asked what my favorite color was... I told him to guess..
Very frustrated, he asks "Well what is it then?"
"Blue?, very cool Mommy!"
Glad he approves :)

Have a great day!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me

I am so blessed and lucky to be your Mommy Ty. You impress me everyday. I admire your tenacity and sweet spirit.
Your humor, and eagerness to learn new things. Your precious smile and sweet words at just the right time.
You are the light of my life... I love you little one.
God bless you my love.