Monday, October 15, 2007

Such a smart little boy...

Ty just amazes me every day. He was on the phone with his Uncle Tarso last night and UT asked him, what kind of motorcycle is green? Ty responds with Kawasaki. UT asked him, what kind of motorcycle is blue? Ty responds with Yamaha. Uncle Tarso proceeded to ask him the remaining colors of the motocross motorcycles and Ty got them all right. He is so amazing. Yesterday we were in the car and saw an old KLR 650 (Kawasaki) and it was a faded green from being in the sun. Ty said look motorcycle. He then said it's a kawasaki. I was amazed!!! The other day Ty came to me with one of his Thomas trains and had a block that fits on it. However he had the wrong block and he was asking me to get it to fit. I told him, "it's the wrong block, go over in the clear bin underneath your train table and find the blue one and that one will fit". He immediately ran over, found the part in his bin and brought it back over and said "here it is". Wow. Just amazing.

He is the highlight of my life.

I love you little TyTy.

Daddy T.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Great Pumpkin!

Love this time of year, however, it was HOT when we went to Weber's farm last week. It hardly felt like Pumpkin Patch weather...haha but we braved it!
Webers was adorable as usual with the hay slide, hayride, petting zoo, apple cider...Ty loved it and talked about the pumpkin patch all week.

He LOVED the hay maze!

Today we went to the Chapel Hill Farm Fair. LOTS of pumpkins. Tyler rode the "choo choo train" with his buddy Gus who happened to be there. Ty sat in the seat behind Gus and it was so cute, he tapped his head gently and said "Hey Gus"! They rode a couple times together. Ty and I rode the gator tractor ride too. It was cute. Ty pointed out everything...the animals and the little scarecrows all around..and the bulldozer...haha.

We had a fun day...

Just a little update for now!
We are just having the best time with our little man. He is hilarious and so fun to be around. We still meet with our friends on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have our Terrific Tots much fun. I cannot believe it is the middle of October already! WOW!