Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh my goodness!

The last time we wrote on this here blog was the First Day of School! haha We are so behind the times! haha

A little lovely quip from a moment ago...
"Ty just said, "Can we watch the Disney show, cause I am excited to be there." Yup, made me teary.
Then he came over, gave me a big sloppy snotty kiss on the cheek and said "Thank you Mommy!"

I am in love.

Yes, we are venturing back to the magical land for the Christmas celebration once again! I cannot wait, nor can Tim, and its a beautiful thing to see Tyler filled with the same love and joy for that place!
We get to visit Tim's brother and sis-in-law...Uncle Jerry and Aunt Judy :) in St. Augustine. Its so great that we get to see them every year.

Ty is suffering from a horrible cold once again. He had the croup 2 nights ago and now has the lingering horrible cold. He is the most pleasant little sick man :) God love him.

He is doing really well in school. He got to have the class bear for a week and we took it all around with us. He played guitar, rode bikes all that fun stuff with the bear. Tyler grew very fond of this little bear. He named it Cooley Bear. Of course. The little bear slept in his Thomas sofa next to his bed. He misses that little bear. So sweet. It was cute to watch him take care of it. He loves school, loves his teachers and they love him. He has a lot of friends, of course Chris and talks about I guess they are buds too.

Ty has an incredible sense of humor. He started making up his own jokes, while they may not make much sense, sometimes they are so random, they crack my stuff up.

Right now, we put the tree up...yeah, yeah, I know...its not even Thanksgiving yet, however, why not start the season early. It goes by to fast anyway! haha

Hope everyone is well! Hope to post some pictures soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Day of School

Ty's first day of school was awesome. Candace and I both went and were very impressed. He interacted awesome with all the other kids, offered to share and help other people, and was very very polite to the teachers and paid 100% attention to everything they said. He created a nice "mat" to eat his snack on every day, read books, played on the playground and had a great time. Afterward we went to Chuck E. Cheese and followed that up with a trip to the toy store. He's really looking forward to the rest of the year and can't wait to go back.

Here's his first day outfit (he decided on the rockstar fingers on his own.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Flies....

Well tomorrow is Ty's first day of preschool. We are so excited and sad at the same time. He's getting so big and is so so smart. Growing too fast almost. He's been out of diapers for about 2 months now and sleeps through the night without any accidents (knock on wood). He is amazing with music. He remembers entire songs, it just amazes us. We were on the way home from my dad's house on his birthday and Ty just started singing Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills out of the blue. He sang every single word (of course he made a few up because he didn't know exactly what they are singing) and even knows all of the pauses and when to stop and start singing again. It just amazes me. Being a guitarist in a band for 8-9 years, it comes natural to know when to pause and when to come back in and I followed along with him in my head and he had the transitions and pauses completely perfect. He does the same thing when he gets on stage and plays with his Uncle Jordo's band. At the end of the song he's playing, he'll strum the last chord on his little play guitar at exactly the same time Jordan does ending the song. He definitely has it in his blood. He LOVES (so do daddy and mommy) The Imagination Movers new show. They are now on Disney and have finally gotten the recognition they deserve. Daddy used to email with them back and forth back in the day when they had the development deal, to try and find out when they were either coming around or getting on TV. So it's good to finally see the show on TV and I must say, it's pretty awesome. So is the new CD. Highly recommended.

We go out in the back field on weekends and Ty rides his 2 wheeler around. He's really good with it and balancing. It won't be long before he has something with a gas motor underneath it. :)

Daddy T

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mommy's birthday week!

Well tomorrow is Candace's birthday. We just got back from the beach and we spent yesterday at the fair. Tomorrow is her actual birthday. Daddy is staying home from work to make her breakfast in bed and to take her out to lunch and/or dinner. We had a great time at the beach. Ty LOVED all the fast rides, including the Hurricane and the roller coasters. He was pretty bored with the little kid rides that go in circles. When he was on the rollercoaster with mommy he made a noise that was all rough and tough cause he wanted to go faster. It was SO cute. Mommy bought him this cute little rockstar necklace and he loves it and wears it all the time. We went to the waterpark while we were at the beach and Ty went down the big slide with mommy, and loved the little slide and the water. He also enjoyed getting near the waves and running away from them. Then he would bend over backwards telling the waves to kiss his butt. It was funny, especially cause after the water came up, he would splash in it and say kiss it, to the water. Funny.

Happy Birthday mommy, it's been a great year!!! Here's to MANY MANY more!

Love Ty and Daddy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daddy's Birthday week!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Daddy had his birthday week last week and we had a wonderful week!
Here is a recap!
Saturday, we were going to go to Rainforest Cafe, but my Mom stopped by and Tyler wanted to spend the night over her house with Poppy and Auntie too. So off they went and Tim and I kicked off the festive week. We went to Red Brick Station, had some crab dip and a couple beers...blueberry beer, yum. We saw a couple soldiers and talked to them, thanked them and bought them a round... of course I was teary. Incredible people. Then we walked to Kobe, had some sushi and another drink...and Tim got a special serenade from our server. Brian our sushi chef also joined in... you can see him in the background...

Then we thought about catching a movie, so on our way, we noticed a lady trying to fix a flat tire. Tim went over to help and ended up changing the tire.
We got to the movie and were just in time for Dark Knight, so we finally got to see a movie! We have not been together since before Ty was born. Can you believe that! haha
We left, stopped for another beer (water for me :) ) and headed home. We were so exhausted,
The next day we got TyTy, and Ty and I took Daddy to The Rainforest Cafe. We saw our friends Damon, Kelly and Avery. (I think they love RFC like we do cause it reminds us of Disney...haha) Of course we had to get the VOLCANO for Tim...everyone came and sang. Tim was surprised. Love the sparkler :)

Tuesday was Tim's actual birthday. Tyler and I made him a special cake with a motorcycle one it. We had ramps and all. haha
Tim had to work, so we went to his work and had lunch with him at Della Roses...Ty wore a shirt that said "My Dad Rocks" and was very proud of it... very cute.

Ty and I headed home, cleaned and decorated, made Tim his favorite meal and a special dessert (besides the cake) Creme Brule... his favorite. I got the recipe from Disney World.
When Tim got home, he went to see his Dad. (Tyler was sick with a mild temp when we got home from Tim's work, so we stayed behind.) When Tim got back, we had finished decorating and he was surprised. We gave him his presents and had dinner. The special dessert?
Tim LOVED it and I was happy and relieved. haha I have never made creme brule before.. but I rocked it. haha
I think Tim/Daddy had a fantastic week!
Happy Birthday and thank you for being the best daddy, hubby, best friend ever. You are our hero!
Tyler and Mommy

Farm Fair

Tyler, Auntie Alexis and I went to the farm fair a couple weeks ago. It was such a HOT day...haha but it was fun. We caught a shuttle bus from Fallston High School (where daddy went) and it took about 10 minutes. When we got there, we saw a row of bounce houses... Tyler had a blast! We saw so many animals... it was really fun to see Ty naming all of them. I remember the days of teaching him what animals were what..and whats a cow say? haha He is so grown up. Sniff Sniff. haha We saw the Snails and Tails exhibit... lots of snakes. Ty was very hesitant. I think snakes are so cool, but I could not get him to even pet one. He did hold an ugly little fat lizard and pet a giant millipede...that was disgusting. haha... Ty rode his first little pony. Too cute!
Gotta love the iphone...

After a while, some nice lady gave him a balloon animal that was huge. It was hot, he was tired and of course half of it pops. He was so sad. he said... "I guess I didn't really want to come to the farm fair after all" So dramatic. haha
We got home and he fell asleep on the way home. God love him.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Superman Ty "Cooley"

I found the cool Superman shirt that blows up to look like muscles and Ty LOVED it. He really got into character, complete with the deep superman voice. If you talked to him with the shirt on, he responded with the deep voice. So I asked Superman Ty to help clean up his toys. He told me " That's what Super Mommy does, I will ride my bike" (Um, no... nice try...haha) Complete with voice and face expression as in "I mean business". It was too cute. Tim came home and Ty stayed in character. We had to refer to him as Superman...haha So after a while, he wanted the shirt to come off. He was back to Tyler...or his "new" middle name Cooley. So, Tim and Cooley (Ty) are on their way to go out and ride Ty's 4 wheeler and play...Tim called Ty, "Superman"...he said, "No Daddy, I am Cooley"... so Tim said... "OK, I will be Cooley too.", He said " No Daddy, you are Michael" (Tim's middle name)... Does this mean he sincerely changed his name. haha I guess its his rockstar name. Here is a quick pict I took with my phone.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our little rockstar...

Tyler LOVES LOVES LOVES music. He is performs all the time. He puts on shows and loves all sorts of music...from Jonas Brothers to Iron Maiden. Yes, you read that correctly. His current absolute favorite though is his Uncle Jordo's band Fiction 20 Down. Due to the great summer venues they have played at recently, there have been some all ages shows. Tyler watches them intently as well as strums along on his little red guitar. He sings all of the words and even knows the strumming patterns, where the stops are and how to do a rockstar ending. All of which we didn't teach. He studies everything. He watches all sorts of bands and really pays attention. Tyler is really destined to be a musician. Tonite was Fiction 20 Down's CD release party number one and they were amazing as usual. Tyler once again really enjoyed himself and rocked it. He flirted with Megan (Ben the drummer's girlfriend and Rayanne, Todd's gf)... At the end, he asked them to play "Wind me Down" and Uncle Jordo invited him up to play. Needless to say, I was so proud of Tyler. He strummed, sang all the words, and even had the ending down perfect. Almost like it was rehearsed... haha I was teary and proud. We are really blessed to have such a cool, talented little man.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"I'm changing my name"

Yes, Tyler declared this evening that he didn't care for his name "Tyler Christopher Minnicks" he has changed it to "Tyler Cooley Minnicks".... YUP, our silly little monkey.
He was shocked that I went with it, and kept calling him that. haha
Too cute.
I said, "Are you sure you want to change your name?"
He said "Absolutely!"
Where did this little guy come from! haha

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We had such a great day! Tyler spent the night at MaCheri and Poppy's house... I went up earlier and hung out... we swam and relaxed... we headed home and got ready for Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie's annual 4th of July party. It was a lot of fun! Ty LOVED playing with his cousins! They had a blast! We waited to see the fireworks from their home in Canton, however it started to rain, and it was already after 9. Ty was exhausted! We packed up, said out goodbyes and headed home... on the way, we noticed the rain let up... so we stopped at Tim's office, rode up to Tim's floor and had an amazing view of the fireworks. We left just before they were over to beat the crowd. When we got home, Tim set off a few fireworks for us... We definitely had to give Ty a quick shower, and we cuddled and watched some fireworks from home outside and on TV. We took Ty up and 2 pages into the story, he was fast asleep.
Here is Ty watching our own fireworks...

God Bless America.
God Bless all of the women and men serving our country...and God Bless their families who are left behind to worry and pray.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you.
We are so blessed.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Raindrops and Ice Cream Cones

So the other day, I made Ty an Ice Cream Cone... we went outside on the deck... it started to rain, so we stayed under where the roof blocked the raindrops... I got my camera out and watched the glory of Ty and his ice cream cone. He was so cute, made up his own little happy ice cream dance. (I need to get it on video.) He was just as happy as can be. "Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Daaaance" he sang as he did his thing. Just precious. I made myself a little cone, just to share in his shear joy,... and then ... little man...clever, as his cone is mostly gone, he said, "Mommy, we need to trade, mine is so much better!" Who could resist the cuteness. So we traded,...and he made out with extra ice cream. I just had to reward the cleverness (and cuteness). haha

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing Pirates

Tyler entertains me so much.
Tonite, he put on a rock show and "dance party"... he was just so hilarious. Picture Ty banging away on his drums, while Tim and I dance around like fools. We all are singing his made up song "dance party, dance party"... it has a nice groove. haha
Then we venture up to bed, and Tim of course brings the foam swords he got for his birthday from Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie... Ty loves them... so we watch his little imagination go to work.
"Avast, Matey"... as he spins and swings his pirate sword around... "walk the plank"... Of course Daddy acts that part out, so well I might add... haha He scrunches up his little face, trying to make a mean face, and it is so cute. Then Ty wants to walk the plank... Its just so much fun around here.
We talk about the day... playing at Ben's house, Eleni having a new baby brother born today, and Conner has a new baby sister, playing with Lucy, riding the 4-wheeler...cuddles and kisses...
I then read him his new favorite book "I Love You Stinky Face" (gift from Jack).... He said, "I love you Mommy, have a good night sleep"... He is such a sweetheart.

Congratulations to the Fotis and Bartynski families on your new additions!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday TyTy!!!!!

Well Tyler is 3 (as Mommy stated below). I won't go into the details that Candace already went into, so I'll just say that Tyler repeatedly makes my day brighter. He knows so much and is just amazing. Last night he put on a performance for Nick, playing Run To The Hills and You Give Love A Bad Name. Old school metal, you go Ty!!! Anyway, Daddy is very proud of all your accomplishments. Thank you for being the most incredible little guy I've ever met. I love you!

I love you too Candace! Thank you for giving me the best gift in the world, Tyler.

Daddy T

Sunday, June 08, 2008


You are 3 years old! I cannot believe it!
We had a busy week! Tuesday we had a Playgroup Party with Ty's buddies. We painted pirate ships and swam in the pool.
Pizza and Pirate cake..good stuff! He got lots of good presents! Thomas, to golf, to bubbles...and a rocking pirate shirt! Thanks guys! Friday, Ty, Daddy and I went to Kobe to celebrate Ty's birthday. Ty was excited, but a little afraid of the fire... after a while, he loved it. The chef really made over Tyler. Ty wanted steak... so he got filet... Kids meal? Good Lord... the Chef hooked him up.. he had filet, chicken and shrimp. Too funny! We got him the birthday special where he gets a cute little mug. We picked the monkey holding its ears. It was perfect....If anyone has seen our Disney pictures, then you understand. haha They took a picture of was cute.
Today we went out to Lunch with Ma Cheri after the yard sale in our neighborhood. Ty got a little haircut...we didn't lose the curls. After we said goodbye to MaCheri...we went home, swam a little and then went to ToysRUs to pick out a birthday present... Ty got a 4 wheeler and he just LOVES it! The batteries are charging...but he sat on it all night saying "Thank you so much....I LOVE THIS...ITs SuperCOOL!" He does not know, but we also got him a "bigger amp" for his guitar. The guitar he got for christmas had a little amp and he did not like it at all... haha He is gonna be so surprised! Then we get ready for his big Pirate Carnival Party!
So exciting!
I better get some rest...haha
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!
We love bless our lives. You are coolest little dude. Our favorite person. Happy 3rd Birthday!
Daddy and Mommy (Lucy too)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Less than a week!!!

Tyler will be 3 in less than a week now. It has really snuck up on us!
Tim and Tyler are downstairs finishing the basement. Its pretty cute!
So many birthdays!
We went to Talia and Mara's party last week and had a nice time. Tim bounced in the bounce house with Talia and had yummy cake. Yesterday we went to Isabella's party across the street. Ty had a great time! Tomorrow we have Conner's 3rd Birthday at Chik Fil A... Whew!
Happy Birthday to everyone!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Less than a month

Our little man will be 3 years old! I cannot believe it myself. He is just the greatest little person. I love him so much.
He is starting to say the funniest things. He has quite a sense of humor too. Ty is so independent. I want to freeze time and say, stop growing so fast! I am sure other parents can relate.
Some funnies
I asked him... "Ty, what do you want for breakfast?"
He exclaimed "COOKIES!"
I said, "Now Ty, we need to choose something a little more nutritious."
He says "Diet cookies?"
Um, yeah... I have no idea. haha
The other day we were getting in the car and I was buckling him in his seat. He likes to climb into his carseat "I can do it myself mommy"... sometimes he ventures into the drivers seat, which will require a 3 count and time out threat... but as I was buckling him in this time, he was kinda pleading his case. haha
"I am getting so big Mommy. I can pee standing up, ride a 2 wheeler, write letters, and drive a car..."
Too cute.
He is a mini rockstar. He loves his guitar, He makes the greatest rock faces. The other day he was standing on the coffee table like a stage and kept reaching for my hand. Then I realized, he is reaching for my hand like rockstars do reaching out to their fans.


We were at Tim's Dad's house when his brother Jerry was in town. He was petting Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eli's dog Ginger. Someone commented on the dogs bad breath and Ty said "We all can't be perfect."

His Aunt Debbie told us he said, "I like your bathroom Aunt Debbie, Its very pink." Later when I took him potty, he said, "Mommy, its a guurl bathroom, its ok, I can pee here." Very matter of fact.


Knock Knock jokes are his new thing...

He makes them up.

Knock Knock
Who's there
Percy who
Percy choo choo train

Knock Knock
Who's there
Doggy who
Doggy poops on the floor

Here is the clever one...

Knock Knock
Who's There
Mommy who?
Mommy, get me a cookie please???


All of Tyler's friends are getting new brothers or sisters already or very soon.
I asked him if he wanted a new brother or sister... He thinks about it and says...
"Hmmmm, probably not."

However, later, he told us of all the things he would teach a baby brother (no guuurls he said) haha
"I would teach them to read books, to play choo choo trains, to go potty, to ride a 2 wheeler, to play rolling (bowling) game (wii)," etc.
It was so sweet.

The other day he say a baby doll that I had in the closet and he said "Is that a doll?" I said "Yes, would you like to hold it?"
He said "No, thats for guuurls (girls), I'm a pirate!"


He loves to work at Poppy's office where he loves sitting next to Aunt Megs and "work".
He is very serious about his work. I asked him what he would like to drink, he told me.
"Not now mommy, I am working."


His previous favorite color of pink has been replaced by yellow.
He asked what my favorite color was... I told him to guess..
Very frustrated, he asks "Well what is it then?"
"Blue?, very cool Mommy!"
Glad he approves :)

Have a great day!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me

I am so blessed and lucky to be your Mommy Ty. You impress me everyday. I admire your tenacity and sweet spirit.
Your humor, and eagerness to learn new things. Your precious smile and sweet words at just the right time.
You are the light of my life... I love you little one.
God bless you my love.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holy Cow My Boy is Getting Big!!!

Today I took Ty's training wheels off his bike. He rode his 2 wheeler no problem at all. I didn't even have to run with him, he took off pedaling and rode around the field like a little BMX'er. He made his daddy very proud today.

I guess that little bike with no training wheels and no pedals that we got him at Target for $12 paid off. It is a wooden bike that was marked down from $50 and its supposed to teach balance. Well it worked...

I love you Ty. Congratulations! Time for a motorcycle!!! heh heh...


**Pictures have been updated in the picts/video section (Planting trees for Casey and Sebastian, Day out with Thomas... and the first time without training wheels pictures :) ... Candace

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its been a while...

I know....
After our dear Sebastian passed... our lives began a roller coaster ride that landed us in a a confusing dark tunnel. We have another dog Casey. He was our first pup and we adopted him as a puppy right after Tim and I got married. He was 11. He has had diabetes for almost 3 years and was getting old and grouchy. He was depressed after Sebastian passed, but quickly took to being the only dog. However, he was still grouchy and getting worse. When he was around Tyler, we made sure to muzzle him. He started snapping here and there. One day, a couple weeks ago... Tyler and I were playing fetch. I was watching closely... and we were all having fun. I made sure Casey and Ty were not real close. Then it happened. Casey leapt for Tyler and bit him. He bit him in the mouth and it bled so bad. Luckily it was more inside and it has healed. I was so upset. First, taking care of my baby, incredible guilt and knowing that Casey would have to go away. My heart ached as I watched my little guy cuddled next to me, with the ice and fear in his eyes. I didn't protect him enough. It all happened so fast. So Tim and I called Dr. Luntz (vet) and called Dr. Feldman (Ty's Dr). We had to wait at least 10 days to put Casey down. It was killing us. As the days went by, Casey's health was failing. Some people relayed their stories and said that sometimes animals act out when they are getting sicker because they cannot really communicate. Casey was sad more than he was happy. He hated getting needles every day, 2x a day. He hated the same diabetic food everyday. He was sleeping more and more. We tried to find him a new home, we contacted shelters.... We tried everything. No one wants an old sick dog, that is aggressive and has attacked someone.
We decided that it was best to send him back home. He passed away on April 15th.
Casey deserves peace. He deserves a good meal cooked by Tim's dear Mom. He deserves to run free. All our loved ones that have passed will take care of him till we meet again. Casey and Sebastian are playing together once again in beautiful green fields with flowers everywhere...
We will miss Casey so much. He was the "trick" dog. He would sit, roll over, crawl, dance, high five, and sing (one old Another Lincoln song). He loved playing. Fetch was his favorite. He loved getting his back scratched and his ears rubbed. He loved when his Daddy would come home from work. He never needed a leash. He listened so well. He loved to hang out with his Daddy in the garage, or when Tim would build something new. They were buddies and he was my little boy. He loved to cuddle with me, and put his little head on my shoulder and sleep. Thats how I want to remember him. We are so grateful for the time we had with him. Every special moment is imprinted on my heart forever. Casey Maximillion Minnicks will never be forgotten.
(We love you Casey. We know you are happy now, wagging your little tail and getting lots of love.
We miss you so much it hurts. Give Sebby a couple kisses from us. We love you both.)
Tim, Candace and Ty we are...we have been in this dark tunnel for a while, however... Light finds its way. After Sebby passed, we didn't think we would get another dog for years. Plans change. We bought Ty a dog (the same day he was bit). It just kind of happened. We didn't want him to have a fear of dogs, we wanted a dog he could play with and grow up with. A puppy to distract him from Casey. I I think she distracted us from the journey we were about to take. We adopted a little girl Puggle (great with children) and named her "Lucy"... she is silly and funny... the name works. Looking up the name... it means "Light".
Lucy will never replace our dear dogs that have passed... she is here to remind us that life goes on.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for your love and support during this tough time. We lost our sweet dog Sebastian Easter morning. He had a tumor and was due for surgery Monday. He was so uncomfortable, especially all day Saturday, by Saturday evening, he was dying. My parents came over and Tim and I took Sebby to the pet ER, so that he could rest and run though the green grass in heaven. Our hearts are broken, but we know he is at peace and happy. Casey our other dog, misses him too. Sebastian was Tyler's little buddy. If Ty fell or was upset, Sebby would be right there. He was always a puppy, filled with energy and mischief even though he was 8 years old. He was an original, with one eye half blue half black, born with black eyeliner...haha He was super fast and could jump from the floor to the table. He could escape from everything...and squeeze through the smallest spaces. I think he just did it to drive Tim crazy, haha but I loved it. He was a special little dog. I am thankful for the time we were given. He really blessed our life.
Tyler took it very well. We explained that he was in heaven with all the angels. We asked if he understood...he said "Yes, Sebby is playing with all the snow angels..." So sweet. Later Easter evening, I was crying and Tyler asked what was wrong. I said that I just miss Sebastian. He put his precious arms around me and said, "It's ok Mommy, Sebby's with the angels.". He has mentioned him here and there, but I think that he has a direct link to heaven. I know Tim's Mom and sister, and my grandparents and cousins are all loving their new puppy in heaven.
We will miss our little guy. He will all be in our hearts forever.
We love you Sebastian.
Tyler, Daddy, Mommy and Casey

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2 hrs early

Hello Hello!
We had a wonderful weekend. Tim and I celebrated our anniversary (11 years) yesterday and we had a blast!
Tim had been away all last week and Tyler and I missed him so much. Having him back was so wonderful! So Friday, we went and looked at some cars and ordered pizza and relaxed. Saturday morning, we woke up to a wonderful Easter Egg hunt that our neighborhood put together. It was so nice and Ty got a lot of candy and eggs... We decided to head to the Zoo for the Easter Egg hunt there too! It was chilly at first, but it warmed up to a nice cool, comfy temp. We did the little egg hunt, visited the polar bears and had lunch. We saw an old friend from Mommy's Chili's days, Christy. She has 2 adorable little ones. It was great to see her again. We went over to the carousel and polar bear ride. We then ventured over to visited the new Giraffe feeding station, the elephants (2 new ones and one on the way)... One of the elephants was showing a bit too much if you know what I'm saying. If not, I will email you a picture... we did our rounds, got a good workout and headed home. We rested a little and packed Ty up for his big overnight with Poppy, Ma Cheri and Auntie. We pulled up and a cute little bike was sitting outside. Ty hopped on it right away, it still needs training wheels, so I held the bike and tried to keep up. haha We went inside and saw Poppy putting together the new bed that they got for him. It was a cute little cars bed. He just LOVED it! It was time for Tim and I to head our, and Ty started to get a little upset. Luckily, I brought a lot of fun distractions, so we said our goodbyes, and headed out. He went to church with them for Palm Sunday and informed us later "But I don't want to go to church." Oh no. We talked to him a little later, and he said, "But Mommy, I want you with me" It was so sweet, but I know it is good for him and good for Tim and I to have some alone time. Tim and I went to dinner and had a really nice time. We went to bed early and woke up early too. I guess the internal Mommy/Daddy clock was still on. It was so great to see our little man and we were very grateful for the time we spent and for Ty getting such special treatment. He had a great time!
My dad said he was a little angel. No trouble at all. It made me feel good, and I know that my dad meant it. I love to see how much Tyler is loved. Warms my heart.
So...Happy Anniversary Timmy! Heres to many more. I love you with all my heart!
Sorry, had to get a little mushy :)
Love to all!
Here is Tyler in his new Cars bed at my parents house :)
(More pictures are up on the videos link)

Ty at the Zoo

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Videos added

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I have been keeping up with adding pictures to Ty's dropshots site...(the videos link)

Tyler and I had a busy day!
We had playgroup... some shopping, visited the pet store to look at the fish... went to the gym, Ty decided he does not like the gym and I was able to do 1/2 the warm up... but thats ok. I don't want my little boy upset. We had a picnic when we got home and read a lot of books. Tyler LOVES books now and I could not be any happier about that. We had a mini photo shoot... he was such a little ham. His head is healing so quickly! Mederma for kids! It has been a little over a week...7 stitches and now you can barely tell. Ty just started the inquisitive stage... "Why? Why? Why? " haha He knows his shapes really well... esp the difference between a rectangle and square. Ty can write the letter T. We have little T's all over the place. "Across and Down:" I can hear him practice. So cute. He has become quite independent! "Mommy, I can do it myself." Whether dressing himself, getting in the car seat, etc... After he jumped into the car seat he said "See Mommy, I told you I could do it myself!" Right you are my little man. Growing way too quickly for me. I love him so much.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Check out new pictures, uploaded more frequently on the 'video' link that takes you to our drop shots.
We have some of Ty's artwork from today up :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A new cool scar...

Yes, you read correctly. Tyler had a little unfortunate meeting with the end of a table and well... 7 stitches later, we are healing.
Tim was on his way to Alexis' (my sister) play and I ordered a pizza for TyTy and I to have a picnic. He was so excited when the doorbell rang...I grabbed the money and he slipped off the couch into the table. I thought he just bumped it, and answered the door with a screaming toddler in my arms. I said the the "pizza guy" ... we just had a little accident...and he was looking at me rather strangely... thinking maybe he didn't speak English well or something...haha I shut the door, only to see Ty's right side of his face covered in blood. We got the cool compress, held tight and called Tim right away and told him to come home. He flew home and we went to St. Joe's. We were in and out in a little over an hour. He got one stitch inside and 6 on the outside. Our brave little gent will get his stitches out on Thursday. Ty and I are fighting a cold and trying to mend as best as we can.
Lots of cuddles.

Today we made some Butternut Squash Soup together. I thought for sure, Tyler helping me cook would ensure him trying it. Another sneaky way to get veggies into my growing boy. Did he try it? Nope. I am gonna try tomorrow.

We also had our last Terrific Tots last week. Ty starts preschool in the fall. I cannot believe how fast he is growing up!

Ty and Sebastian (one of our dogs) adore each other. When Ty gets hurt or is upset, Sebby is right there...although there are times where he has had enough our this cute toddler love. This looks like one of those times...haha Sebby has a wonky eye, but this picture, it is more prominent. haha Puppy cuddles!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adventures in Painting

WOW, I know it has been a while since we have updated. Keeping up with Tyler, and life...
I love it.
So Valentine's Day was real nice. Daddy took off work and surprised us. We let Daddy sleep in and Tyler and I made Daddy cookies. Ty had a blast putting all the ingredients in a bowl. Daddy and Tyler gave Mommy a necklace...not just any necklace. haha When we were in Disney, I wanted to do the "pick a pearl" thing where you take and oyster and open it and get a pearl. Tim sent away and got one for me. So sweet. I loved it! We had a nice morning and decided to go to ikea and buy Tyler an easel for Valentine's Day. He loves doing art projects. After that, we went to the most romantic place. Chuck E Cheese. Tyler loves Chuck E Cheese. haha Daddy and Mommy also like to compete for the high score in skee ball. haha Mommy won this time. Whoot! When we got home, we set up Tyler's easel. He used to chalk board and loved it. He loved to paint. His first painting, he told he it was a rainbow. His second one he painted today, he said they were fireworks with a wheel. Creative little gent.
Its is amazing to watch him create and learn. I love him so much.

Ty's second painting

Belly painting...

TaDA showing off his work

Tyler's playroom is almost finished! Daddy did such a great job building it! We are getting the carpet tomorrow and here is the one for on top of it. Tyler loves it!

And our poor Sebby is having surgery today...please say a prayer.

I hope everyone had a Happy Heart Day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So cool...

Ty has been in his big boy bed a lot now with naps and everything and he falls right to sleep (knock on wood). Mommy did this great thing where she pulls the rocker up to his bed and reads him a couple books before bed (I think she posted that) and then when she leaves he falls right to sleep. how awesome!?

On another note, we signed Ty up for preschool today. He starts in September for a couple hours a day (by himself), which is gonna probably be harder on us than him. He is riding his "motorcycle" with his feet raised and has amazing balance and is such a daredevil. He is getting so big and is just the funnest little guy I know.

Daddy T

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, Tyler is a big boy...well he slept like one for the first time last night. We went shopping the other day and Tyler picked out Thomas Train bed set for his BIG BOY BED. He was so excited. So Daddy and I planned for yesterday to be the BIG day. We talked about it all day yesterday, that it was the BIG DAY and Tyler was so excited. He was ready. When Daddy got home, they got all the tools together. Daddy took the big side down (convertible crib) and Mommy assisted. It is the cutest little bed. I will have to get a picture soon. Tyler and I took his new bedset to the laundry room and Tyler put it in the washing machine. He was so excited to wash his own sheets. I think Daddy and I were a little nervous, not knowing what it would be like. The BIG transition. We read a story, said our prayers and Mommy sang 'Somewhere over the Rainbow" and kisses goodnight. He cried a little, and we checked on I am sure it was scary. I sang once more and said goodnight. I cried of course. I would never take my baby boy out of his crib ever again. Maybe I am the one having a tough time with the transition. Anyway... I was well rested and ready for it to be a LONG night, but it was not. He was so good and proud. When he woke up, he called for us. He understood that he was not to get out of bed. So cute. When Tim went in, he climbed out. What a GOOD boy, huh?!

Potty training is going really well too! He tinkles on the potty. He is a little afraid to poo right now. No pressure. When he is ready. We talk about it all the time, but we don't want to force the issue. I will take tinkles for now. We have a sticker reward chart. He is so proud to put his sticker up. He gets one for going, for flushing, for washing his hands, cleaning his toys, sitting at the table to eat, etc... His little reward chart is full. haha

He is learning so much. Talking so much. Growing too fast.

This week is triangles, the color yellow and the letter A
So cute!

So much has happened since Christmas. As some of you may know...the 3 of us were really sick. I think my WHOLE family was. Anyways, Ty started off with croup and he has allergies... Mommy too. I am so worried about Tyler getting asthma too (like me). We had 3 cats. My allergies have gotten worse and I could not even pet them without a glove. I loved them so much. We found them 3 really nice homes. They even get to sleep with the new owners. I am so happy they are happy. I miss them very much as we all do. We have 2 little doggies. Casey, who is diabetic and Sebastian. Tyler loves them. He was just talking to Sebastian (Sebby) and said "Come here Sebby, He's my cute little boy" It this cute little voice. Such a sweetie. Sebastian is warming up to Tyler.., Casey still runs away. haha

We have gotten out and caught up with family and friends. We saw Aunt Dawn and Baby Joey. We did our Christmas and went to lunch. It was so nice to see them. Joey is growing up so fast! He is 7 months old already! Time flies. We also go to see our cousins Aunt Stacey and Baby Owen, who is almost not a baby anymore. He looks so grown up! He is a year old and took his first steps...practically walking, he crawls SO fast. Owen and Tyler are gonna grow up to be good buddies. So cute.
We still have some christmas to catch up on... We have to see Aunt Erin, Uncle Pat, Ellie and Adam, Uncle Jay, Aunt Leslie and Ty's new cousin who will be born real soon...Aunt Sheryl, Noah and Michaela, Aunt Diane, Aunt Deb...the holidays were rough. Hopefully we can see everyone before Easter!

Congratulations to our friends Irene, Kevin and Ty's good buddy Gus as they just welcomed their little girl Anthipi Irene! They are going to call her Anne, but i just love Anthipi...very original. She is named after Irene's Mom and Mom in law. Welcome little one! We cannot wait to meet you!

Here is a picture of Ty...The big snow day! He helped Mommy shovel!

More coming soon!