Monday, September 25, 2006

What an awesome little personality...

Tyler is such a happy little guy. He laughs at everything, he tries to make us laugh and when we do laugh, he keeps doing what he is doing and gets a huge kick out of it. He wore one of these wigs (see pic) around Toys R' Us the entire time we were there (we go every Friday when daddy gets home from work) because Candace and I were laughing at him the whole time. We bought him a new Jeep Stroller (jogging stroller) and it has a little steering wheel on it. He loves to be in a car with a steering wheel. The morning he saw it he went running over to it and I put him in and he was steering. After a few minutes of sitting still he looked up at me and said "daddy GO!" I was like WHAT!?!?!? So after the shock wore off, I started pushing him around the room and he loved it. He also likes it when Candace takes him grocery shopping because she puts him in one of those cool little carts that look like a race car so he can steer while she is going around the store.

Candace has been taking him to the park every day and he loves to just run and play and have fun. He is definitely all boy. He loves getting dirty and rough housing and is still pretty fearless.

We've got Uncle Jordo's and Aunt Megan's wedding this weekend. We'll post picts of our little guy in a tux sometime next week.

oh and we still haven't decided if we are gonna cut those curls off or not. :)

Love to all

Daddy T

Sunday, September 17, 2006

WOW...15 months ALREADY

Hey all~

Been a while, I know, I know...We have been so busy getting ready for Uncle Jordo and Aunt Megs wedding. We did get together with Ty's friend Talia and her cool parents Dave and Theresa. It was so awesome to see the two of them play. Stay tuned for pictures! My computer (my new macbook Tim bought me for my birthday) is already broken, but it will be fixed soon. :)

At Ty's 15 month Dr. appt. He did really well. The Dr. was so impressed with our little guy. He is in the 90% for height and between the 75th and 90th for weight.

Ty has turned into a little daredevil. He climbs like a monkey on everything. We have to watch him constantly...and keep up. He has so much energy.

He is definitely a performer! Friday night, my parents came over...Tyler picked up his drums and brought them over in front of his grandparents. He started playing them and dancing...then he hit the one drum that plays reggae music and he stood up and started dancing. It was so cute.

He has a funny sense of humor. Ty loves to make us laugh. We went to Toys R Us and they had a yellow plastic wig...we put it on him and I started laughing and he kept it on with this silly face. He gets a kick out of cracking us up. He makes the cutest little silly faces too. We really have the best time. We laugh all day...UNTIL..haha the new temper tantrums. They are actually kind of funny. He gets so mad. We are working through it...he works it out.

Oh, and discovering his vocal chords! HAHA When we are in a restaurant, he does this lovely yell. Can't wait till that phase passes. haha

He has become quite the little artist. He loves to color and does not try to eat the crayons as much. He finger paints and loves getting all messy. He helps me in the kitchen when I cook dinner. He stirs away in his little bowl. It is neat to watch him discover new things. He watches everything we do. He tried to put on my shoes, he tried to help Talia put on her shoes, he tried to put my headband on today...he is so funny.

He is really doing well with his signs. We do new ones every day. He recently mastered 'juice'. He really gets this look of satisfaction when signs what he wants and we understand. His vocabulary is really expanding everyday. He loves to say 'Dude' cute.

Alrighty, I better get some rest. Look for some new pictures in the next week!

Love to all!


Congratulations to Uncle Joe and Aunt Dawn who just got married today!!!



Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Candace!!

Happy Birthday Candace! We hope your day is everything you hoped it would be and MORE!

Enjoy your new toy!

Love Timmy

Dear Mommy,


Love, Tyler