Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby mama is in the kitchen making green bean casserole for tomorrow. I just got my butt handed to me in Monopoly. Candace is a greedy someone when it comes to that game! We had a fun night. Looking forward to turkey tomorrow and hanging with the family. Friday the deck gets worked on, close to completion.

I need to paint the room in the basement still and then it's linoleum and electricity. Been busting butt with Pat to get the deck done. It looks awesome. 12x33.


Much love and many hugs to my baby mama...


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wasssss uuuuppp???

Long time no blog. I've been sick and in pain. My stomach has been awful and I hurt my back taking lumber out back to build the deck. Ouch. I'm feeling a little better now though and thought I would blog.

Candace is feeling a little better. Not quite as sick anymore. That's a good thing. I'm still making her a bagel every morning before she gets out of bed so that she isn't sick when she gets up. That stinks. But hopefully we'll be out of this in a couple weeks when she hits the 2nd trimester.

Gotta get back to work, nothing much else to blog other than much love goes out to my baby mama!



Wednesday, November 10, 2004

225 days to go...

Well...all is going well...just going sloooowwwllyy. I can't wait till this nausea goes away. It was real bad last I have moment of feeling waves. Soooo there is hope...and i know it is all worth it in the end. Mornings, Tim brings me a bagel before I get out of bed (yes, I am spoiled by my honey)...then right before I leave I get a preggy pop my cousin Erin sent me in a lovely basket filled with teas, motion sickness bracelet, lotions...loveliness. Get into my new Jetta...yup...spoiled I told ya...I have a 2 seater...not conducive to a prego belly and eventually the car seat. So we ventured to car max. We got a great is a cute car.

Trying a new trick...I have been putting dance music on and I shake my a$$ in my new car...soooo the baby can learn how to dance. See, when someone asks my little one when they learned to dance, they say, "since before I was born". Rhythm nation in my belly baby!!!

Daddy is outside now helping Pat build our deck. We were gonna watch a movie, but he is busy, busy! heehee

Alrighty...signing off. This little one is sleepy...they are making me sleepy. Off to bed :P

Who my baby daddy? You my baby daddy!!!

I LOVE that song! ha ha...

So Candace has been really really sick the past week. I feel so bad that I can't really do much other than getting her stuff that she craves to try and get her to eat SOMETHING.

I've been busting my butt around the house. It'll all be worth it though. It's already so much easier letting the dogs outside now that we have a fence. And as soon as we have a deck we'll be able to go out and enjoy it and let the dogs run around in the yard. I can't wait. Of course by the time its done it'll be too cold to go out on it....maybe.... :)

Remaining projects include painting and wainscoting the baby's room, installing a spotlight outside so Pat can work on the deck at night, making sure we put "galvenized" nails in the fencing or else I've gotta reshoot all the pickets. No biggie though and I'm pretty sure they were galvanized (i hope.)

I'm gonna be a father. Still hard to fathom. I can't wait, but at the same time, my life will be changing forever and I'm sorta scared. But I guess thats normal. Can's first Dr. appt is next Thursday. I can't wait...

T-Dad OUT and back to work...

Saturday, November 06, 2004

So its been a lil tough...

Well...mommy-to-be over here is not feeling too well. I started off just being real sleepy...but now I am icky sick. Morning sickness has stretched into all the time sickness. So far, my dad's soup and drinking water are the only things I can keep down. It is plain awful, but in the long run worth it. I have been watching all of the babies specials on TLC and Discovery channels. Some stories have been frightening...the high risk labor...ahhh...but so beautiful. I cry after every one. I hope I am not one of those women that are a pain in the arse. Whine and complain and so forth. They reach such dispair but you still cringe at their behavior. I want to bring this child into the world with style and grace. Well as much style as you can get considering the lady-like position of giving birth.

Tim has been wonderful and so patient. He is so loving and sweet. His "nesting"instinct has started early. I am not far he has built a room in the basement by himself, painted the garage floor, built a work bench in the garage for all his tools (including installing a light fixture), right now he is building a fence with our good friend Jim in the back yard, while our other good friend and fellow dad-to-be Pat is starting to build our deck. I KNOW...crazy time. Me, what am I doing whilist all of this adventure and hard work is going on? Well...I am sleeping, throwing up, trying to eat, sleeping, throwing up, watching a lot of TV. I sound like a lazy bum...growing a baby is hard work y'all...heehee let me tell ya... esp. when there is nothing that I crave but ice chips. I force myself to eat because the lil bean needs nutrition, but it is hard.

So I will fill you in with whats going on with our little one at the moment...
"Your baby's crown to rump measurement is about 0.56 to 0.8 inches (14 to 20mm).
Your baby's face has a recognizable shape with eyelids and the tip of a nose with formed nostrils, though his head is still very large compared to the rest of his body.
All major organs are now formed and in place, though they still need to mature.
A tongue has already formed. The ears are forming both internally and externally.
The arms and legs extend forward and shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are detectable. Knees and elbows have begun to form on the limbs. Tiny fingers and toes are starting to appear at the tips of your baby's developing limbs and the arms may be slightly flexed at the elbows and wrists. All major organs are in place.
Your baby is moving around a lot, moving his legs and flexing his spine, but you are unable to feel it at this point.
Your baby's genitals have begun development, though they are still difficult to identify. "
How fun...huh...Only 230 more days to go....
I better get back to my busy day...ta haahaaha

Monday, November 01, 2004

It's 11:39 pm, do you know where your kids are?

Mine are inside my baby mama's tummy still! Poor sweet Candace, morning sickness has kicked in full force and she has been yacking in the morning. Hopefully this won't last long. She's in her 7th week, we have SO many more to go, ughhh... Then, a beautiful bouncing baby! Of course its bouncing only if I drop it, which I'm afraid I'm gonna do because I'm so petrified. I'm gonna take a parenting class I think. Yeah, probably.

So anyway, you have to see this TOTALLY RAD workbench that I built in the garage this weekend. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out. I am actually surprised that its level because usually I can' t cut 4 pieces of wood the same size if my life depended on it.

Next weekend begins the fence project. That should be interesting.

Can is sleeping, I think I'm on my way...