Sunday, February 26, 2006

So, I'm sitting here at work...

at 4:41am in the morning. One of our servers is down and I'm in the process of bringing it back up.

I'm killing time waiting for the server by looking at all the picts I have of our littl Ty. He has grown so fast it's crazy. It's true what they say that the days go by slow but the years go by fast. It almost brings a tear to my eye that he is no longer the little baby that just lays there and smiles and looks up at us and can't crawl or get around. But it also brings joy to my heart to know that we are doing such a great job as parents and being the best parents we can be for our little one. He is pretty much still crawling all over the place and his newest thing is he will go over to the ottoman or the couch, pull himself up and then proceed to walk around the entire couch while he holds on. He is getting really good at that and is getting pretty fast. It probably won't be long before he is taking his first steps on his own. sigh...

I can't imagine not having him in our lives. He is such a bright ray of sunshine and makes every minute worth living. Even the ones where he wakes up early at 5am and is standing up in his crib waiting for us when we walk in his room.


Daddy T

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our Little Piranha...

So our little Roo is a biter. heehee As you can see his top little teeth are coming in :) So cute! Every once in a while though, he gets ya! Little toofer marks in my arm, finger, cheek.... He also gives me cute little kisses and I LOVE it...except now, every once in a while he with get a grip on my cheek. Ouch! The front ones are slowly but surely coming in!

Love to all!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Closer and closer to walking every day...

As posted before, Tyler has been crawling. To top it off now he crawls over to things and pulls himself up to stand up. For some reason, no matter how many toys he has, he is such a little man and always goes for the remotes on the ottoman. He will crawl over and pull himself up and reach away. Today is the first time that he has pulled himself up to his leapfrog table. I was making a bottle and I walk back over to the living room and he is standing there playing at his table. Good stuff!

Daddy T

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Those toofers are comin' in...

Ty had a tough day yesterday and when he woke up this morning we saw the reason (although we knew yesterday, it was just a little more prominent today). His two top front teeth have poked their way through his poor little gums. He also still has another one on the top left coming in too, so that's at least 3 teeth moving on in and making his little life a bit miserable. He is a trooper though and you'd hardly know that he was teething other than the fact that he is just more cuddly than usual. He just wants to lay his head down on Can's shoulder. Can't say I blame him. :)

We took him to Toy's R' Us on V-Day. It was an awesome day. We spent the day going out to lunch and to the toy store and we bought him a little walker toy car that will help him learn to walk. He is crawling SO fast we can't turn our backs on him for a second now. I remember the days of setting him down with his toys and coming back after making his bottle and he'd still be in the same spot. Now when I put him down and go to make his bottle he ends up underneath me looking up at me. It's so cute.

Daddy T

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our little super hero...

Here is a picture of Tyler yesterday (Our little Valentine) test driving the cars at ToysRUs.

WOW, what a week! I can't believe it. He is a speedy speedster when he crawls. He is giving his Mom a workout! He starts moving and he has that "I am looking for trouble" look in his eye. He is so curious. He will bypass all his toys, and look for new and intersting things. He LOVES the silver remote too. All his colorful toys, and he wants the real things, like remotes, Tim's blackberry, my keys...

As you might have seen on the video from Month 9...Ty said Mama...I am sure he does not know what he is saying, but he said it! He says it a lot now too. I guess cause I get so excited. I was saying "Dog" and "Doggie" and "Casey"(our dog) and he would watch my mouth and look at the dog. He was really concentrating.

Peek-a-boo with his hands is a new one too. He has done it with a blanket, but it is so cute when he uses his hands. At first he was putting his hands on his ears and I realized what he was doing. He will put his hands over his eyes, sometimes only covering one and then pulls them away real fast. So funny.

Anyway, he is waking from his nap now...better run...

Love to all!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


HOLLA! Tyler is 8 months old today!!! Can you believe it! He is growing so fast. As Tim previously told you, Tyler is crawling and it is so hard to keep up with him. IT is funny. He also loves to get on his hands and knees and rock. He bounces like crazy. In the morning he likes to play in his crib and talk. He crawls all around and rocks. I saw him trying to pull himself up. Uh-oh.

We saw Tyler's friends recently. We visited with The Groves. He had so much fun playing with his buddy Luke. And yesterday he saw his friend Isabella and her mommy Melanie. They looked at each other and exchanged some baby babble. I know they can't wait to play Saturday when we meet up with The Luntz Family too! We can't wait to see how big Shayna is getting! Hopefully we can get good pictures of the three of them!

Poor Ty has been teething. These suckers are coming soon! You can see them right at the surface. Our poor little guy. He is being so good.

OH and GUESS WHO GETS KISSES! That's right, his MOMMY! He likes to kiss me when he wakes up, or if I leave and come back into the room...When he misses me! YUP, I am eating it up!

Alrighty, off to do some Tyler laundry :) Love to all!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Our lives have officially become 100 times harder...

Tyler is crawling. Today he finally figured out how to get the arms and legs working in conjunction with each other and he is trucking all over the place. Candace got it on tape so we'll post the video soon. We can't stop him, looks like its time to start babyproofing the house.



Friday, February 03, 2006

The wonderful thing about Tyler's is Tyler's a wonderful thing...

Life with our little one is so incredible (I know I keep saying that). Tyler is getting 3-4 new teeth and he can clap and we swear when he is clapping he says "yaaaaahhh". We also think we hear him say "hi" when we walk into the room because whenever we leave a room and come back in and see him we always say "hi" and I think he is picking up on that. He is starting to crawl a very little bit. He gets up and rocks still but he has now begun moving his knees forward and the other night he moved his hands in conjunction with the knees to actually move forward. He also knows where to put his little "roll arounds" in his play dinosaur and claps his hands with toys in them to hear the sound they make.

It's so amazing watching him learn things and pick things up that we do and say. He can hold his bottle and feed himself with it and takes it out and takes breaths and puts it back in and keeps going. It's so cute.

It seems like just yesterday I was being pushed out of the bed with the pregnancy pillow... :)

I'll be updating the site with picts in the next couple o' days, so stay tuned.