Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adventures in Painting

WOW, I know it has been a while since we have updated. Keeping up with Tyler, and life...
I love it.
So Valentine's Day was real nice. Daddy took off work and surprised us. We let Daddy sleep in and Tyler and I made Daddy cookies. Ty had a blast putting all the ingredients in a bowl. Daddy and Tyler gave Mommy a necklace...not just any necklace. haha When we were in Disney, I wanted to do the "pick a pearl" thing where you take and oyster and open it and get a pearl. Tim sent away and got one for me. So sweet. I loved it! We had a nice morning and decided to go to ikea and buy Tyler an easel for Valentine's Day. He loves doing art projects. After that, we went to the most romantic place. Chuck E Cheese. Tyler loves Chuck E Cheese. haha Daddy and Mommy also like to compete for the high score in skee ball. haha Mommy won this time. Whoot! When we got home, we set up Tyler's easel. He used to chalk board and loved it. He loved to paint. His first painting, he told he it was a rainbow. His second one he painted today, he said they were fireworks with a wheel. Creative little gent.
Its is amazing to watch him create and learn. I love him so much.

Ty's second painting

Belly painting...

TaDA showing off his work

Tyler's playroom is almost finished! Daddy did such a great job building it! We are getting the carpet tomorrow and here is the one for on top of it. Tyler loves it!

And our poor Sebby is having surgery today...please say a prayer.

I hope everyone had a Happy Heart Day!