Friday, July 28, 2006

Its hard to keep up!!!

Hi everyone...Sorry for the delay of vacation pictures, I had a program mishap and Tim is gonna fix it for me. BUT...

VIDEOS are up! There is one where Tyler cuddles his Pengie. He loves it. One of him dribbling and kicking his soccer ball and one of him showing us his muscles :) They are from June ;) There are MORE to come!!! Check them out in the video section!

Tyler is growing so fast, It is really hard to keep up. He is becoming this little person. He is all over the place and getting into everything. We are working on the word NO...and sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't, and sometime he laughs at you. YUP...laughs right in my face. Not a normal is a laugh that is a bit devilish. It is so hard to not laugh. (Esp. when everyone else is turning their heads). We just started the naughty chair training with Ty. haha Wish us luck.

Ty has a few new skills... spinning, walking backwards, running..He loves to kick his soccerball, he loves to throw too... He blows kisses with his hand...MWAH! He tries to feed us and give us some of his sippy...he shares ;) He makes funny faces just to make us laugh. He dances all the time. He LOVES music! He still loves to drum on everything. He is using his sign language for eat and more. I need to teach him more! And CLIMBING! Ahhhh! Everywhere!!! Like a monkey! Maybe thats why he LOVES Bananas! haha

We will post the vacation blog soon! We have a TON of pictures to post and video!!!

Love to all!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surf's UP!!!

We just got back from vacation! Such a wonderful trip, but it is good to be home! We will check in later with vacation details, videos and pictures...but in the meantime, here is a picture of TyTy showing you all the beach!!! Love to all!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Poor Little Guy...

Tyler has like 5 teeth coming in, including that one molar I posted about a couple days ago. It looks like he has 2 more in the front and 2 more on the bottom and they are making him miserable. Poor thing had a fever yesterday because of it and this morning he was quite the cranky little one.

Hopefully we'll get through this set in a couple days to a week and be back on track with our happy go lucky little man.

Daddy T.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

God Bless America!!!


Thank you to all of the armed forces who are fighting for our freedom. Our thoughts, prayers and extreme gratitude are with you all.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tyler is growing SO fast!

It's amazing. it's like one morning he wakes up and decides to do 15 new things that just throw us for a loop. In the past week or two he has done the following:

  • Throws his diaper in the trash after we change him and then claps that he did a good job.
  • Says "dude"
  • One day I walked up to him and said "Tyler!" and shook my hands. He shook his hands the exact same way and said "daddy!"
  • He is now running all the time and is getting hard to catch!
  • Mimics everything we say (including Bibbidee Bobbidee Boo from Cinderella)
  • Says thank you when he hands you something because when he would grab something like the remote we would take it and say thank you and he has learned now that when he gives us something we say thank you
  • Says "Hi Daddy!" when I walk into the room
  • Has started to say "MWAH" when he kisses
  • He loves to dance and he has started walking backwards all over the room. It's like one day he just realized, hey, I can take steps the other way and go backwards.
  • He has been pointing at things that he wants or to get our attention for a while now as well

Those are just some of the things that have happened in the past couple weeks. He has also started to get seperation anxiety when either me or Candace leave the room. He'll start bawling and run over to the other parent that is still in the room and hug us. The poor guy also has that molar coming in up top. We know it is bugging him cause he is a little more drooly than normal. But it'll be breaking through any day now. sigh.... he's getting so big so fast. He is just an adorable little angel. It's hard to believe he is already more than a year old...

Daddy T