Friday, June 12, 2009

Ty... 4 already!

I cannot believe we have not blogged his sweet little birthday!
Before I start... Ty just hit his leg on the table and it made him mad... he said "thats a stupid damn table!" Its so hard not to laugh but I was I hide behind my computer typing this... Oh my GOSH!

So the festivities started last Saturday for his Taekwondo birthday party with cousins and friends from school/playgroup too. It was wonderful and Ty had a blast. We walked in to the place completely decorated! His school went all out! Balloons, decorations...even a giant sword to cut the cake. The party was just an hour and half so we just had snacks and a cake... it ran over a little bit. Ty got to wear a black belt and he wore it with pride,... everyone broke boards and it was super cute. After we came home and had the family cookout. Tim's fam and mine and it was crazy right off the bat! Everyone must have been starving! haha I have not seen food go that fast in my life! haha After we headed to the Avenue to see Fiction 20 Down perform for the summer concert series... We had such a fantastic day! We had a great weekend!
Monday was Ty's official birthday! He woke up very disappointed! He thought for sure that he was going to grow and be as big as daddy so that he could use real tools. It was sweet.
We made it a fun FILLED family day! We headed out early to the Washington Zoo... then to the Hard Rock Cafe... it was sooo cute! Ty put Ty on a chair with a guitar around his neck and announced that it was his 4th birthday! Ty waved to everyone like a little rockstar. After we walked around the Inner Harbor and rode the Nessie paddle boats... we headed home... hung out with Lucy for a bit, then ran back out to go to ToysRus... Ty picked out a skateboard and pads... after we went to Kids Quarters and got the rails to turn the toddler bed into a full size bed. I cannot believe how fast Tyler is growing up. WAY tooo fast!
4, he is 4! Almost filled up one hand. He already cannot wait to be 5.

We have had a fun week, minus no air conditioning... it is broken and hopefully will be fixed soon. We bought a temporary one for the window in our bedroom and Ty has been camping out with us. Its been a little fun vacation for him.
Tuesday, I had a Dr. appt (Pink eye... lovely) and had to take off work, so I took Ty to my Mom's and they had a blast as usual... Wed, I do not remember what we did! haha I think we went food shopping, not to exciting. Thursday we went Duck Pin bowling with Stacey and Owen... Ty had fallen asleep close to 1 am (remember the whole camping vacation in our room... yeah) so he didn't wake up until close to 10:45... I had to wake him. haha we were meeting Stacey and Owen at 11:30... which had already been pushed back because he was still sleeping. When I woke him, he gave me the teen "just a couple more minutes Mom, please?"Owen in now 2 and 1/2 and is so grown up! He talks so well, plays so nice... It will be nice to see Ty and Owen grow up together. Cute little cousins. We went to lunch after. It was a really nice day!

I cannot believe how fast time really does fly. I LOVE being Ty's Mommy... It is such a precious gift to me. Nothing in the world can compare to the joy he brings me. I am truly blessed.

Pictures to come!!!