Saturday, November 25, 2006


Is it me or is time FLYING!!! Thanksgiving is over ALREADY!!!

Halloween was great. We spent it will Ty's cousins Ellie and Adam. We had a little Halloween Party with his Mom-Mom, Poppy, Auntie and Aunt Erin. We had a great time.

Ty has met some great new friends Gus, Joshua, Conner and Leeza. We have playdates every Tuesday and meet them every Thursday for the story/music time. His friends have some pretty awesome Moms too. We always have such a great time.

Tyler amazes us everyday. It is hard to imagine him this little teeny tiny baby. He has this adorable little personality and just cracks us up. He LOVES music. Last night, Ty and I played on his music instruments for close to an hour. He LOVES his guitar (gi-gar), and drums (duh). His favorite words lately have been CAR- which sounds like he has a Boston accent with CAH, Boat, Choo, Choo, and motorcycle (cool or coolcool). tim took him to the motorcycle store yesterday and he said it was so cute. He was saying coolcool over and over and got so excited. He listens sooo well to NO now. He does not laugh at me much when I tell him NO now. I must admit, I was scared. I thought the supernanny was coming. haha He listens so well. I know it may not last, but I am thrilled now! He does not like to hear NO though and gets this stern little look on his face, but most of the time he will stop. He LOVES to play Hide and Seek. He is getting crafty with his new hiding spots now. He will stay there till you find him. He used to hide in the same two spots, but now he is under tables, in his tent, behind the couch. He loves to do motions to songs. He can do the whole 'Itsy, Bitsy, Spider" and we are working on "Head Shoulders, Knees Toes" "Quack, Wuack, Quack"...he loves singing along too. Sooo cute! He loves to read which makes Mommy very happy. We read all the time and when I am finihed he will read it to me. The Ty chatter is so much more interesting. ;)

So now we are getting ready for Santa. WOW! Turkey Day is officially over (When we ask Ty what a Turkey says, he says 'gockle') and Santa, he gives a big Ho, HO, it. Anyway, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Be safe!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here's a Picture...

Just stopping by to leave an adorable picture taken at the Holiday Parade at the Avenue.