Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our little daredevil!

Sorry for lack of updates. Had a crazy week! My dad is doing great! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Tyler is growing so fast, I don't think I can keep up! He is into mimmicking what we say. We stop and go..."What did you just say?" He loves to say Baby...Mama, Dada...and an occasional Elmo... Yep, let the Elmo party planning begin! heehee I have been working on the "Smile and Wave" song that he learned in the music class at the library. He waves his little arm. So cute. As you can see in the picture, he has become a little daredevil. Climbing all over. Pulling up on the glass doors, chairs. He now takes a small step from the ottoman to the couch. He is starting to stand for a second without holding on. It is funny cause he looks at me like, "What am I supposed to do now?" and then he will just sit. He also loves his swing that Ty's daddy hung from the deck. He loves swinging and just cracks up.

He is so curious. He loves to get into everything. EVERYTHING. He also loves to bang on things like a drum. I will have to get it on video. He has rhythm. Our little drummer boy. hee hee

We are up to 8 teeth!!! The last little sucker popped up out of nowhere.

Thats all for now!

Love to all..


Thursday, March 23, 2006


Tyler said dada yesterday. He is still walking all around the couch holding on when he walks and when we say "come here Ty" he will walk as fast as his little feet can, to come over to us. It's SO cute. Yesterday when I was sitting on the couch and I said "come here" he came over to me and said "dada" and I was like "WHAT!?" It was SO awesome hearing him say that and seeing his face light up when he said it and he looked up at me. One of those Kodak moments...

He also said Elmo a couple days ago when he was playing with his Elmo E L M O(sung to the tune of YMCA). But that isn't as cool as dada.

He also still says mama. Especially when he wakes from his nap and cries for us to get him.

We hung a little swing out under the deck, now all we need is for the weather to get warm!

Daddy T

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

To the NINES!!!

WOW! Happy Anniversary honey! Tim and I are celebrating our 9 year anniversary today! I LOVE YOU! WHEW! Time really flies! And TyTy is 9 months old...If someone would have told me that we would have a 9 month old on our 9 month anniversary, I would not believe them!

We went to the Zoo yesterday! It was lots of fun! There was barely anyone there, so it was like we had the zoo to ourselves! Ty saw penguins, polar bears, elephants...almost everything! It was a fun little outing since Daddy was on vacation for a couple days! We also went to the park the other day. It was so warm and beautiful out! Tim rode his motorcycle and met us there. We got some good pictures of Tyler on the swing. He was not sure about it at first, but then LOVED it!

Tyler is starting to really get into mimicking. We have this high pitch language we speak to each other it. We will have to get it on video somehow. Either I repeat him or he repeats me and it goes on and on. SO cute! He is also doing this cute thing where we say "Awww baby" and he rests his head on you. Enough to make you melt!!!

Happy March 15th!!!

Love to all!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Tyler is 9 months old today!!! Happy Birthday sweet Ty Ty!

Here is a picture of him standing at our patio doors. He LOVES to pull himself up on EVERYTHING! I can't keep up. heehee He loves to explore everything. His Aunt Erin commented yesterday with how confident he is. He is so determined.

Yesterday, Tyler's cousins came over. Ellie and Adam. He enjoyed playing with them. There were toys all over. He played so hard, he fell asleep on his little blanket. It was so cute. He loves seeing his cousins and his Aunt Erin. Then after his nap we went to the mall to get him some shoes for his Easter outfit. He got his foot measured for the first time! He is a size 4 ALREADY!!!

Today, we met up with his Poppy, Aunt Megs, and Uncle Jordo for his Aunt Paulette's birthday at Bennigans. He has not seen his Aunt Paulette in a while, so he gave her LOTs of smiles!!! Everyone LOVED his little tie. He was not to thrilled with the servers singing "Happy Birthday". I think it was too loud for him...poor thing. After the song, everyone (including customers)around came over to tell him how cute he was. Of course I ate it up!!! heehee

Tomorrow we are going to the library again for the baby booster's storytime. Afterwards, we are going to lunch with his new friend Tess and her Momma. We met them at the class :)

Love to all!!!


Monday, March 06, 2006

9 month update!!! ALREADY!!!

Tyler had his 9 month old appointment today! He weighs...drumroll please...23 3/4 pounds and is 31 inches long. He is in the 90th percentile for both! The Dr. said he is progressing perfectly! He is strong and healthy. She said to be careful and babyproof, because he is cruising around the furniture, that walking can come within a couple weeks. Oh LORD help me! I am exhausted as it is! heehee Maybe he will hold out a couple months and enjoy crawling more.

I just cannot believe he will be 9 months old on Wednesday. It seems unreal how fast time is going by. It felt like I was pregnant for 10 years, and has been 9 months...already!!!! He just lights up my life so much, it is hard to imagine my life without him. Last night Tim and I went into his room and looked in on him as he was sleeping. Complete sweetness...just this little angel who has blessed our lives. We looked at each other and completely read each other's minds. We both filled up. Our lives are complete with him. We want to protect him. Love him with all we are. Not for a minute will we take for grated how blessed we are.

"Making the decision to have a child -- it's momentous.It is to decide forever to have your heart gowalking around outside your body"....Elizabeth Stone. (Love to all out mommy and daddy friends. )

Love to all!!!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poor Little Guy...

Tyler now has 7 teeth. Yep, SEVEN! Can you believe it!? It's like they came in overnight. They didn't, but things are happening so fast it seems that way.

We go Monday for his 9 month checkup. We'll report back on his weight then....


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Teething is not pretty!!!

Our poor little Ty...He is working on getting his 6th tooth. The 5th one just broke through. (Look at the many toys can he bite on at one time?) He has had some rough nights...also he had learned to have separation anxiety at naptime and bedtime. I called the Dr. and she said he just wants to play, especially since he is getting around he wants to be entertained. And he misses us, mixed with teething...not pretty. It is so hard! We comfort him, then walk away to let him cry it out a little and he starts crying "Mama"...That is the HARDEST!!! He just stands in his crib looking up in dispair! And I have to be strong and not pick him up. We just lay him back down, pat his little bottom till he settles a bit...and walk out...and all over again..till he wears himself out. It is rough and Mommy here is EXHAUSTED! Daddy is too, not to mention Daddy has had to work though the night for a couple nights cause he is oncall for work. Tyler did sleep through the night last night. I guess that one tooth breaking through helped.

Ty is also learning the word 'No'...Not fun. He is getting good at the crocodile tears! It is so funny, he gets his sad face and cries for a couple seconds looking at you, like "Look what you did, you made me sad". It is funny, and cute. Yeah, making my child cry is cute. He is learning how to work us, and what he can get away with. He will go over to something he shouldn't and look at you like, "See whatI am doing...ha ha". He is not even 9 months old yet! Are we in trouble or what!!!

Tomorrow Tyler and I are going to the Library for the second time for Baby Boosters. We play, sing songs, read books, blow bubbles...Tyler is amazed at all the other little ones.

Tyler loves Elmo, our puppy Casey, gerber puffs, spaghetti, and Firehouse Tales...A little cartoon :)

Altighty, better get some things done!!! MWAH!

Love to all...