Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our sweet little boy...

How hard it is to see your little one suffer, and the worry if everything is gonna be ok... uuuugh...
Long story short...we had a scare, but it looks like all will be ok. We are so blessed. It feels like a miracle to me.
Thank you God. Ty has been sick for over a week and I believe we are at the tail end of it.
Poor little guy have been stuck in this house too, and that is not fun. We have been doing many an art project...collages, complete with homemade glue for one. Ty hated the way the glue felt on his cute little fingers. He didn't wan to touch it, haha... so we made a little dipping section on his paper. I cut out colors and shapes for him and pictures from catalogs and magazines. He LOVED that part and was so excited to show his daddy the motorcycles, santa claus and the turkey. I told him we were making stickers, and he got the collage concept right away. We have a LOT of paintings, turkey hand drawings...etc. Gotta think of another for today. haha Crayons on my floor and playdoh stuck in the hair... Gotta love it.

Tyler has become very aware of the "dark" and things being "spooky" and strange noises. He will say "It's dark in there" "Its very spooky Mommy". This morning, we were watching the Wiggles in our bedroom and he was saying it was "really dark". I asked if he wanted the light on...he said "I can't reach it though" meaning the light switch was too high for him. It was the cutest.. I turned it on, and I got the most sincere "Thank you Mommy!" Funny thing is, the light brightened the room... Tyler... he brightens my life.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I will be sooo happy when the candy is gone...and it has nothing to do with me.
Tim has a gorgeous sweet tooth, and that has been passed onto TyTy. haha He is all about the lollipops and twix.

We had an eventful couple of weeks. We did out Webers, and Chapel Hill farm visit...went to The Zoo Boo last weekend. Ty got to choose his costume, a pirate (he is so into pirates at the moment) or Tigger (who he LOVES)...he chose Tigger. He bounced all around, totally in character...with the whole "who who who whoooo". I am surprised he didn't pick the pirate...haha he's got a pretty wicked "Arrrrr" complete with a little growl. He wanted Tigger...and it was perfect for the Zoo. haha
Ty enjoyed very much the whole "say "trick or treat" get candy". It was so cute, and Ty got LOTS of candy...or rather, Tim and Ty got lots of candy. haha As we were walking, someone said," Look at the Tiger! Grrr..." Ty said, "No, no no, I'm Tigger, who who who whoooo" It was adorable. We ran into Ty's buddy Chris and his mommy and daddy. Chris was the cutest little turtle.
We visited all the animals, got lots of candy...saw Tim's old work buddy Troy and his family. Went to the petting zoo. Ty loved it all! Definitely gonna go next year.

On Tuesday, we hosted our Playgroup Halloween Party. It was so much fun! Conner's mommy Cathi brought balloons and decorations, which totally helped me out...(most of our decorations are missing from last year in the midst of daddy finishing the basement) She saved the day... We all ate lots of junk and pizza...still junk I guess..then ventured outside to paint our pumpkins! The little ones ran wild and just had a blast!

Yesterday...Halloween! We picked the Tigger costume again! We had our Terrific Tots Halloween Party. The little ones really got into the parade around the room. So funny. We skipped our weekly visit to Chick Ole (as Ty calls Chik Fil A) with his buddies to ensure a solid nap for Trick or Treating. Ty's cousins were gonna come over, but sadly, they are not feeling well, so we are rescheduling for next week. YUP...more Halloween! Does anyone else remember Halloween lasting this long?

Pictures coming soooooon!
"Who Who Who Whooooooooo"