Wednesday, June 27, 2007

THE ZOO and Adventures in Potty Training

Tyler LOVES animals, so we joined the Zoo...haha we got a membership and have been 3 times already. He LOVES it!

First time we took Auntie Alexis who smashed her finger in the door...ouch...after the blood and ice, she didnt want ot let Ty down, so pain and all, she said lets go! (I think she will still lose the nail, it was bad). So we head inside, ride the little tram and head down the path. Ty was loving it! The next time, I braved it was a HOT day, but Tyler was so wonderful. It was a great Mommy and Me day, or TyTy and mommy day...there will be lots more of those...So Tyler had his first adventures with the Dippin Dots...

We went again last Sat, and we took daddy this time. They had a festival going on with belly dancers, and a Japanese dance show with a dragon and drums...ahh, yes drums! Ty's fave! We walked around and I took lots of pictures...

Tyler was totally into the Rhinos this time...haha I guess we missed them the last couple times...he was facinated. Notice TyTy's hair...Baby Mohawk! I call it the cute, and he is so proud of it. haha

Adventures in Potty Training...

Oh good Lord! It is not easy, haha but Tyler has mentioned 'poopies' to me a couple times, then started the production grunt, so we figured it was time. We have had some lucky moments in the last few months where he tinkled and was able to wave bye bye to his poopies, but is the real training...
Where he is starting to understand...
Tim and I took him to Target to let him pick out his potty chair, we bought Elmo's Potty Time, and let him pick out his new pull-ups...Diego pull-ups it is...So we head home. We are currently on day 3. He sits on his little throne, but nothing yet.
Yesterday, I let Ty run around naked, without the pull-up...(I have heard of that technique, where you let them run and 3 day later they are potty-trained)...about an hour later, after running free as a bird all around the house he goes and gets his pull-up...starts to try to put it on and I asked him...'Ty, what are you doing" he looked at me and said " I want diaper on" so...there goes that least for now, haha.
Here is our little drummer boy...He is playing the song "brown girl in the ring" (a childrens game in Jamaica) by the Wiggles, He LOVES it! Here he is rocking out...Cheers...or as Ty now says "peace out" while giving the peace sign...(Thanks Uncle Jordo)haha

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

So our little sweetie is 2!!! Can you believe it! We have had a busy week! On his birthday (the 8th) Tyler, his daddy and mommy went to Port Discovery. He had a BLAST! He loved all the different was cool. THEN it was off to celebrate our little rockstar at Hard Rock Cafe. He kept his cool shades on and rocked the whole time. They yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER for the whole restaurant to hear and he ate it up! After that we headed home to attempt a nap...but since he had a little one in the car, it didn't last. We ended up at Chili's for dinner with Poppy, Mom-mom and Auntie...He LOVED his ice cream. ;) So it was off to bed, for the next day was his party! He had a Curious George Party...Mommy made him a cake, but also had one made with the picture shown here. Such a 'cool dude'! He had such a great party with all of our family and friends! Thank you to everyone for coming!

We head to the Dr. for Tyler's 2nd year appointment...I cannot believe its been 2 years!

Cute story...last night, I was putting Ty to bed and I hugged him...I said "I love you so very much" He looked at me and said, so sincerely, "Thank you!"

So, more to come...and pictures! The video section has been updated with Ty's guitar playing!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wow, Ty is two tomorrow

I can't believe that the last 2 years of my life have been blessed the way it has. This little guy has so much spunk and charisma and charm and is just so amazing. He likes to hang out with his daddy and help me work on my bikes and in the garage and around the house. When I'm outside cutting the grass he goes and grabs his bubble mower and mimics what I'm doing. Ty can count to twenty, he can play We Will Rock You on drums along with AL's ROXX YA, he knows his colors and a whole lot of animals. His favorite thing is to sing and play guitar. He absolutely LOVES to sing and he strums along as he makes songs up or finishes parts of other songs.

I love you little Tyler. I hope you have the happiest birthday you could possibly have!

I love you Candace!

You BOTH have made my life complete.


Daddy T