Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sing Rainbow?

Life is so much fun.
Tyler is the light of our lives. He is HILARIOUS!
The other day we were up in his room playing drums. He was obviously the band director.
He was telling me what to play, the rhythm, the song we needed to play... It was either the ones he has made up, like 'Sola Ren', or 'We will rock you", So funny. Then Tim came home from work, and Tyler put him right to work with the guitar. It was hilarious...and here we are, a family band practice. It was a moment, let me tell you.

We have the best conversations. Tyler asks so many questions and he seems to really understand. He remembers everything.
Well somewhere, he learned how to "fly"...last night Tim was telling me that he jumped from our ottoman to the sofa and yelled "super hero!" I find myself constantly saying to myself "Dude, you are 2!"

I was working on some pictures of the latest family I shot, and we were going through the "daddy" and who the "mommy" was and he pointed to me and said "mommy" and pointed to the picture and said "different mommy"... I was like WOW! It is unreal how fast they learn.

Ty is just my best little buddy. Very loving, very polite. We have a nighttime ritual...the brush the teeth, prayers, and now the new song he loves me to sing is "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (kinda fitting, huh?) I usually have to sing it 2 or 3 times. The other night he stood up while I was singing and acting like he was rocking a solo on the guitar...needless to say, so hard to sing watching that. Then Sat. night I sang it one time, he stood up in his bed, and started clapping...saying "One more time"... That was the best standing ovation/encore of my entire life. He is just the love of my life....

We now have a sticker reward chart, and he is LOVING that. He cleans his toys, throws trash away, follows directions... We are so blessed...I hope it lasts!

Ty, Daddy and I went to the Zoo the other day again. It was amazing weather, and we just had the greatest time.

Tomorrow we are heading to Terrific Tots class again with Eleni, Gus, and Conner ;) They are cutest little posse!

Alrighty...better get some work done while naptime is in progess...actually he is singing right now.
Such a beautiful sound!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer is almost over...

...and Ty is getting SO big. He speaks in sentences now and 90% of his words are clear and not "babytalk". He says motorcycle perfectly and after watching motocross with daddy yesterday he went and got on his bike and started jumping over toys on the floor. Candace and I just looked at each other and simultaneously thought "uh oh, we are in trouble". He is such a little daredevil. We were walking down the steps the other day and he got to the 2nd step and jumped. I just had to laugh, but we try to teach him he can get hurt doing that. When we go places he is very personable and at playgroup Can told me he walks in the house and waves and says Hi, Hi, Hi to everyone then goes over and starts playing with the other kids. He asks me "how I'm doin'" and is the funniest and funnest little guy I've ever met in my life. He makes our world complete and I've come to realize that everything else in the world means nothing if I can't share it with him.

Daddy T