Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ty is an amazing little boy. We are so very blessed. He is almost finished his 1st grade school year...and will be 7 soon. Its just hard to believe.
He is into everything, TKD, soccer, and now Lacrosse. We are busy people at the moment :) haha
He had his first LAX scrimmage today and he did so well. He was so aggressive and strong. He was all over the field was so fun to watch.
Ty is an awesome reader. He LOVES chapter books now. He was on the honor roll again (called PRIDE award at his school).
Ty is an amazing big brother. He is so good with Chace, so patient and caring. Chace will pull his hair, pinch him, but Ty is so mature about it. Ty reads to him, and teaches him things, dances with him. Ty also tries to change his diaper (tough because Chace is tough to wrestle...haha), and feed him. Ty is just one cool kid.
Ty also likes to help cook... he can make his own mac n cheese in the microwave. He loves being independent.
We love him so much!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Its safe to say, Ty had a pretty fantastic Christmas! He was such a joy to be around and got some great toys for sure! His favorite was Skylanders. Its a video game, and he loves that... He got clothes, lots of games, video games, Video racer car, adventure set, stuffed toys, phineas and ferb, bolt, board games, etc... Lots of video games for sure!!! He goes back to school tomorrow and we are all a bit sad. I loved having him home. When is spring break ;) I love my little Ty. Well, big boy Ty. :)
His new tooth is growing in, and two more are lose. Oh my!
He is just growing up so very fast.
He is a sweetheart!

He also had a blast on New Years!!! We celebrated with some friends :) Ty had a blast with Katie and Chris...thats for sure. :) Happy 2012!!! Here's to another beautiful year!!!