Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ty funnies and Disney!

Tyler is talking so much lately, I cannot keep up. Yesterday I asked if he wanted a lollypop..He said "I LOVE Lollypops...yes!" It was so cute.
He used to call a motorcycle a "coolcool", then he changed it to "oooh howelll" Don't know why, but it was adorable nonetheless...On the way home the other day, he was looking for motorcycles, so I said "Look Ty, and oooh howell" He exclaimed "MOTORCYCLE" and corrected me. It was so cute. He says it so clear and cute. I will have to videotape it and post it.
He loves Thomas trains now too...Aunt Erin and Uncle Pat gave Ty a train table for Christmas last year, and we were saving it for when tim finishes the playroom in the basement. He is very close, but Tyler loves train tables, so Tim set it up for him. He say "Thomas", but at first I thought he was saying "Dumba$$"..whew! Thank God it is just Thomas...Just like when he used to say Dinosaur, and it sounded like "a$$hole" dad was playing with Ty and growling like a dino and Ty said "A-saur"...My dad looked at me and said, "Did you hear what he just called me?" I said, "A Dinosaur?" haha Either way it is insulting...haha

Here is the third post for our wonderful vacation...Our first day in Disney!


In case you missed the first 2 installments to the report ;)

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Florida/Disney Trip Report

I have finally been writing our trip report from March...Here are the links to the very beginning ;)

Disney Trip Report begins

In Florida...Day2

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tornados and Trains

Hello Hello!
Been a while ;) So much has happened, one being a tornado hit in Fallston, right around my parents. Here is Tyler helping with the cleanup...

Ty's cousin Joey graduated from Marine boot camp. Congrats Joey, you make us proud.

We went to Aunt Meg's sister's shower yesterday...Lisa. It was wonderful! It was at Baldwin Station in Sykesville, MD...It was an old train station at one time. A couple trains ventured by...I asked Ty, "Did you see a train?" He looked at me and said "I saw two!" and held 2 fingers up. It was precious. He loved it, although it was real loud. He is really into Thomas Trains lately...When we got home, He said "TV, I watch Thomas, peeeese?" Tim and I just looked at each other, like HOLY COW! Here is a picture of him with the train..

Funny Tyler story...Ty does not like to be messy and he hates being sticky. He will even ask to have a the other day, we were eating dinner and he spilled something on himself, he says, "Crap, real nice!" Uh Oh! Of course after biting my lip, I explained to him that Crap was not a nice word...Oh Lord...haha

Well! I have finally started our Disney trip Report...Just click on the link below...I will keep posting links, so check back ;)

Disney Trip Report begins

Monday, July 02, 2007


So, sitting on the couch, singing songs...Ty reached over, caressed my hair and cheek and said "I love mommy"...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rockin with Uncle Jordo

Today we ventured to a fiction 20 down acoustic band practice. Tyler LOVES music (I wonder why) and he rocked out today. Here are a couple pictures of his jam session.

He watched so intently in the beginning, he strummed along and sang.
He walked so proud carrying his guitar in its case.
When Uncle Jordo and Todd were finished playing, he threw his arms in the air and said "rock n rolllll" .

...more picts coming soon!