Monday, December 31, 2007

Sitting here

...waiting for the ball to drop. Ty is fast asleep in his bed. We all have pretty bad colds and Ty and Mommy have ear infections. Poor things. The house is full of loud coughs and hacks and things that go sneeze in the night. uggghh...

Ty and Can are both on antibiotics and hopefully they will get some relief in a day or so. TyTy is being such a trooper. You'd never know he was sick. Me and Can on the other hand...

Well anyway, here's to an awesome 2008 (with hopefully another trip to DeeDee World)...

Daddy T

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This year really flew by fast! Its unreal!
So much as happened, its hard to keep up! haha
We had a blast in Florida and Disney! (Still working on the trip report) and had a lot of Christmas Parties and shopping to catch up on. Like a whirlwind, it is over in a flash! We had a wonderful Playgroup Christmas Party! We did a Secret Santa with the little ones. We picked Eleni's name and had fun buying girl presents (well Mommy did) and Chris picked Tyler's and got him a cute Bob the Builder tool set with a hat and all. Adorable! Poppy's Birthday party, MaCheri's birthday party...he's been busy! Maybe too much dear little one.
Poor Tyler has an awful cold. It started a few nights ago when he woke up with Croup. I actually had that as a child, so luckily I knew what to do...otherwise, it is the scariest thing in the world. For Tyler and us. Tim wanted to call 911 because hearing your child try to breath and this awful cough sound...its horrible, but I explained to him it was croup and I took Ty in the bathroom, turned the shower on to steam it up and tried to calm him while Tim called the Dr. When I took him out of the bathroom, his cough lessened and he started to feel better. He still had the at 4am, Tim, Ty and I watched The Santa Clause and cuddled on the couch. He slept with us and we went to the Dr. He gave him some medicine and told us that he will probably have a horrible cold and cough that will last for weeks. He was right. Ty has a mild temp and is coughing and sneezing and you can tell he feels horrible. He didn't get to see the family over Christmas...but hopefully we can make up for it as soon as he gets better.
Christmas Eve we did our tradition of Tim reading Tyler 'the Night Before Christmas' and picking out cookies for Santa before bed.

Here is a pict of Ty and Mommy

What Santa left for Ty!

Ty was not sure what to do since he knew he was not supposed to touch anything around the tree (decorations, bow on christmas presents...etc) He said "FOR ME" and we said "Yes Ty, Santa got you a guitar!" and he says in the sweetest voice, "A guitar, for me (hands on his chest), its mine?" It was precious!

Here is Tyler opening presents and he was so cute with the most sincere "THANK YOU" for each one.

REMOTE CONTROL MONORAIL! (He LOVED the monorail in Disney)

Back to the guitar!

Relaxing in the little Thomas train sofa that MaCheri(grandma) and Poppy got for him!

Ty got so many nice presents! Everyone treated him so nicely! He has been such a good boy!

My loves!

Mommy got a beautiful Anniversary ring from Daddy! Tyler handed me a little box last night and said "Here Mommy, open it, its for you!" I was shocked! It is gorgeous! Daddy and Mommy were not supposed to exchange presents (as Disney was the BIG gift..haha)

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and an beautiful 2008!!!
God bless us everyone!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mini Preview of our trip...

Still in Disney...LOVING it... The holiday season is beautiful here. So many Christmas decorations and lights and gorgeousness! Cinderella's Castle Christmas lights alone are amazing, tear triggering, take your breath away beautiful.
Seeing it through Ty's eyes in beyond words. Magic...simply magic!
YES...i will be rocking a trip report for this one too!
Here are some pictures in the meantime...

Ty playing a song for Mommy in our room.

You can Fly, You can Fly, You can Fly....

Ty and Mommy riding on the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom rocking the ears!

Tyler meeting Winnie the Pooh...He LOVED him :)

Tyler and Tim riding in a little motor boat at our cute!

Tyler and Tim watching the Wishes stage show...awww

Monday, December 03, 2007

On the beach in St. Augustine

Hello everyone...we are in Disney...our first stop was St. Augustine. I thought I would post this sweet picture.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our sweet little boy...

How hard it is to see your little one suffer, and the worry if everything is gonna be ok... uuuugh...
Long story short...we had a scare, but it looks like all will be ok. We are so blessed. It feels like a miracle to me.
Thank you God. Ty has been sick for over a week and I believe we are at the tail end of it.
Poor little guy have been stuck in this house too, and that is not fun. We have been doing many an art project...collages, complete with homemade glue for one. Ty hated the way the glue felt on his cute little fingers. He didn't wan to touch it, haha... so we made a little dipping section on his paper. I cut out colors and shapes for him and pictures from catalogs and magazines. He LOVED that part and was so excited to show his daddy the motorcycles, santa claus and the turkey. I told him we were making stickers, and he got the collage concept right away. We have a LOT of paintings, turkey hand drawings...etc. Gotta think of another for today. haha Crayons on my floor and playdoh stuck in the hair... Gotta love it.

Tyler has become very aware of the "dark" and things being "spooky" and strange noises. He will say "It's dark in there" "Its very spooky Mommy". This morning, we were watching the Wiggles in our bedroom and he was saying it was "really dark". I asked if he wanted the light on...he said "I can't reach it though" meaning the light switch was too high for him. It was the cutest.. I turned it on, and I got the most sincere "Thank you Mommy!" Funny thing is, the light brightened the room... Tyler... he brightens my life.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I will be sooo happy when the candy is gone...and it has nothing to do with me.
Tim has a gorgeous sweet tooth, and that has been passed onto TyTy. haha He is all about the lollipops and twix.

We had an eventful couple of weeks. We did out Webers, and Chapel Hill farm visit...went to The Zoo Boo last weekend. Ty got to choose his costume, a pirate (he is so into pirates at the moment) or Tigger (who he LOVES)...he chose Tigger. He bounced all around, totally in character...with the whole "who who who whoooo". I am surprised he didn't pick the pirate...haha he's got a pretty wicked "Arrrrr" complete with a little growl. He wanted Tigger...and it was perfect for the Zoo. haha
Ty enjoyed very much the whole "say "trick or treat" get candy". It was so cute, and Ty got LOTS of candy...or rather, Tim and Ty got lots of candy. haha As we were walking, someone said," Look at the Tiger! Grrr..." Ty said, "No, no no, I'm Tigger, who who who whoooo" It was adorable. We ran into Ty's buddy Chris and his mommy and daddy. Chris was the cutest little turtle.
We visited all the animals, got lots of candy...saw Tim's old work buddy Troy and his family. Went to the petting zoo. Ty loved it all! Definitely gonna go next year.

On Tuesday, we hosted our Playgroup Halloween Party. It was so much fun! Conner's mommy Cathi brought balloons and decorations, which totally helped me out...(most of our decorations are missing from last year in the midst of daddy finishing the basement) She saved the day... We all ate lots of junk and pizza...still junk I guess..then ventured outside to paint our pumpkins! The little ones ran wild and just had a blast!

Yesterday...Halloween! We picked the Tigger costume again! We had our Terrific Tots Halloween Party. The little ones really got into the parade around the room. So funny. We skipped our weekly visit to Chick Ole (as Ty calls Chik Fil A) with his buddies to ensure a solid nap for Trick or Treating. Ty's cousins were gonna come over, but sadly, they are not feeling well, so we are rescheduling for next week. YUP...more Halloween! Does anyone else remember Halloween lasting this long?

Pictures coming soooooon!
"Who Who Who Whooooooooo"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Such a smart little boy...

Ty just amazes me every day. He was on the phone with his Uncle Tarso last night and UT asked him, what kind of motorcycle is green? Ty responds with Kawasaki. UT asked him, what kind of motorcycle is blue? Ty responds with Yamaha. Uncle Tarso proceeded to ask him the remaining colors of the motocross motorcycles and Ty got them all right. He is so amazing. Yesterday we were in the car and saw an old KLR 650 (Kawasaki) and it was a faded green from being in the sun. Ty said look motorcycle. He then said it's a kawasaki. I was amazed!!! The other day Ty came to me with one of his Thomas trains and had a block that fits on it. However he had the wrong block and he was asking me to get it to fit. I told him, "it's the wrong block, go over in the clear bin underneath your train table and find the blue one and that one will fit". He immediately ran over, found the part in his bin and brought it back over and said "here it is". Wow. Just amazing.

He is the highlight of my life.

I love you little TyTy.

Daddy T.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Great Pumpkin!

Love this time of year, however, it was HOT when we went to Weber's farm last week. It hardly felt like Pumpkin Patch weather...haha but we braved it!
Webers was adorable as usual with the hay slide, hayride, petting zoo, apple cider...Ty loved it and talked about the pumpkin patch all week.

He LOVED the hay maze!

Today we went to the Chapel Hill Farm Fair. LOTS of pumpkins. Tyler rode the "choo choo train" with his buddy Gus who happened to be there. Ty sat in the seat behind Gus and it was so cute, he tapped his head gently and said "Hey Gus"! They rode a couple times together. Ty and I rode the gator tractor ride too. It was cute. Ty pointed out everything...the animals and the little scarecrows all around..and the bulldozer...haha.

We had a fun day...

Just a little update for now!
We are just having the best time with our little man. He is hilarious and so fun to be around. We still meet with our friends on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have our Terrific Tots much fun. I cannot believe it is the middle of October already! WOW!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sing Rainbow?

Life is so much fun.
Tyler is the light of our lives. He is HILARIOUS!
The other day we were up in his room playing drums. He was obviously the band director.
He was telling me what to play, the rhythm, the song we needed to play... It was either the ones he has made up, like 'Sola Ren', or 'We will rock you", So funny. Then Tim came home from work, and Tyler put him right to work with the guitar. It was hilarious...and here we are, a family band practice. It was a moment, let me tell you.

We have the best conversations. Tyler asks so many questions and he seems to really understand. He remembers everything.
Well somewhere, he learned how to "fly"...last night Tim was telling me that he jumped from our ottoman to the sofa and yelled "super hero!" I find myself constantly saying to myself "Dude, you are 2!"

I was working on some pictures of the latest family I shot, and we were going through the "daddy" and who the "mommy" was and he pointed to me and said "mommy" and pointed to the picture and said "different mommy"... I was like WOW! It is unreal how fast they learn.

Ty is just my best little buddy. Very loving, very polite. We have a nighttime ritual...the brush the teeth, prayers, and now the new song he loves me to sing is "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (kinda fitting, huh?) I usually have to sing it 2 or 3 times. The other night he stood up while I was singing and acting like he was rocking a solo on the guitar...needless to say, so hard to sing watching that. Then Sat. night I sang it one time, he stood up in his bed, and started clapping...saying "One more time"... That was the best standing ovation/encore of my entire life. He is just the love of my life....

We now have a sticker reward chart, and he is LOVING that. He cleans his toys, throws trash away, follows directions... We are so blessed...I hope it lasts!

Ty, Daddy and I went to the Zoo the other day again. It was amazing weather, and we just had the greatest time.

Tomorrow we are heading to Terrific Tots class again with Eleni, Gus, and Conner ;) They are cutest little posse!

Alrighty...better get some work done while naptime is in progess...actually he is singing right now.
Such a beautiful sound!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer is almost over...

...and Ty is getting SO big. He speaks in sentences now and 90% of his words are clear and not "babytalk". He says motorcycle perfectly and after watching motocross with daddy yesterday he went and got on his bike and started jumping over toys on the floor. Candace and I just looked at each other and simultaneously thought "uh oh, we are in trouble". He is such a little daredevil. We were walking down the steps the other day and he got to the 2nd step and jumped. I just had to laugh, but we try to teach him he can get hurt doing that. When we go places he is very personable and at playgroup Can told me he walks in the house and waves and says Hi, Hi, Hi to everyone then goes over and starts playing with the other kids. He asks me "how I'm doin'" and is the funniest and funnest little guy I've ever met in my life. He makes our world complete and I've come to realize that everything else in the world means nothing if I can't share it with him.

Daddy T

Saturday, August 18, 2007

BUSY summer

Tyler is growing so so fast! Its hard to keep up...and we have been so busy. We got a Zoo membership and it is wonderful!
we have been like 6 or 7 times already. haha Last week we went with Ty's cousins Ellie and Adam and his Aunt Erin...the next day with his buddy Conner and Ms. Cappy (Cathi). We went today with his buddy Luke (Looouuuke) and his Mommy and Daddy...He loves it! I am sure we will be heading there again! We met Curious George at Barnes and Noble last friday. We took Auntie Alexis with us and met Conner and Gus there and their Mommies (Ms. Irene and Ms Cathi)...and we hit Chik Fil A after. It is so awesome to watch his friendships grow...holding hands with his cousins at the Zoo, or playing trains and going on adventures with Conner and running and laughing with Luke. So much fun.

Ty is talking more and more everyday...and he is just such a funny kid. He literally make tears stream out of my eyes from laughter. I know it will only get better.

My fave thing with Ty...We have a Mommy and TyTy thing....
He curls up on me and it is the sweetest thing. He works it though and I eat it up. Tim will say, "Ok Ty, Time for night night"...and he will say "No, no, no, Mommy Cuddoools.." LOVE IT!

Anyway...working on more Disney...I have a few days left to do, and I will post the completed report.

Yucky rainy day...I think I might slap on Ty's rain boots that Aunt Sheryl gave him and go jump in some mud puddles. :) Unless the thunder hits.

Love to all!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ty funnies and Disney!

Tyler is talking so much lately, I cannot keep up. Yesterday I asked if he wanted a lollypop..He said "I LOVE Lollypops...yes!" It was so cute.
He used to call a motorcycle a "coolcool", then he changed it to "oooh howelll" Don't know why, but it was adorable nonetheless...On the way home the other day, he was looking for motorcycles, so I said "Look Ty, and oooh howell" He exclaimed "MOTORCYCLE" and corrected me. It was so cute. He says it so clear and cute. I will have to videotape it and post it.
He loves Thomas trains now too...Aunt Erin and Uncle Pat gave Ty a train table for Christmas last year, and we were saving it for when tim finishes the playroom in the basement. He is very close, but Tyler loves train tables, so Tim set it up for him. He say "Thomas", but at first I thought he was saying "Dumba$$"..whew! Thank God it is just Thomas...Just like when he used to say Dinosaur, and it sounded like "a$$hole" dad was playing with Ty and growling like a dino and Ty said "A-saur"...My dad looked at me and said, "Did you hear what he just called me?" I said, "A Dinosaur?" haha Either way it is insulting...haha

Here is the third post for our wonderful vacation...Our first day in Disney!


In case you missed the first 2 installments to the report ;)

Disney Trip Report begins

In Florida...Day2

Monday, July 23, 2007

Florida/Disney Trip Report

I have finally been writing our trip report from March...Here are the links to the very beginning ;)

Disney Trip Report begins

In Florida...Day2

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tornados and Trains

Hello Hello!
Been a while ;) So much has happened, one being a tornado hit in Fallston, right around my parents. Here is Tyler helping with the cleanup...

Ty's cousin Joey graduated from Marine boot camp. Congrats Joey, you make us proud.

We went to Aunt Meg's sister's shower yesterday...Lisa. It was wonderful! It was at Baldwin Station in Sykesville, MD...It was an old train station at one time. A couple trains ventured by...I asked Ty, "Did you see a train?" He looked at me and said "I saw two!" and held 2 fingers up. It was precious. He loved it, although it was real loud. He is really into Thomas Trains lately...When we got home, He said "TV, I watch Thomas, peeeese?" Tim and I just looked at each other, like HOLY COW! Here is a picture of him with the train..

Funny Tyler story...Ty does not like to be messy and he hates being sticky. He will even ask to have a the other day, we were eating dinner and he spilled something on himself, he says, "Crap, real nice!" Uh Oh! Of course after biting my lip, I explained to him that Crap was not a nice word...Oh Lord...haha

Well! I have finally started our Disney trip Report...Just click on the link below...I will keep posting links, so check back ;)

Disney Trip Report begins

Monday, July 02, 2007


So, sitting on the couch, singing songs...Ty reached over, caressed my hair and cheek and said "I love mommy"...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rockin with Uncle Jordo

Today we ventured to a fiction 20 down acoustic band practice. Tyler LOVES music (I wonder why) and he rocked out today. Here are a couple pictures of his jam session.

He watched so intently in the beginning, he strummed along and sang.
He walked so proud carrying his guitar in its case.
When Uncle Jordo and Todd were finished playing, he threw his arms in the air and said "rock n rolllll" .

...more picts coming soon!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

THE ZOO and Adventures in Potty Training

Tyler LOVES animals, so we joined the Zoo...haha we got a membership and have been 3 times already. He LOVES it!

First time we took Auntie Alexis who smashed her finger in the door...ouch...after the blood and ice, she didnt want ot let Ty down, so pain and all, she said lets go! (I think she will still lose the nail, it was bad). So we head inside, ride the little tram and head down the path. Ty was loving it! The next time, I braved it was a HOT day, but Tyler was so wonderful. It was a great Mommy and Me day, or TyTy and mommy day...there will be lots more of those...So Tyler had his first adventures with the Dippin Dots...

We went again last Sat, and we took daddy this time. They had a festival going on with belly dancers, and a Japanese dance show with a dragon and drums...ahh, yes drums! Ty's fave! We walked around and I took lots of pictures...

Tyler was totally into the Rhinos this time...haha I guess we missed them the last couple times...he was facinated. Notice TyTy's hair...Baby Mohawk! I call it the cute, and he is so proud of it. haha

Adventures in Potty Training...

Oh good Lord! It is not easy, haha but Tyler has mentioned 'poopies' to me a couple times, then started the production grunt, so we figured it was time. We have had some lucky moments in the last few months where he tinkled and was able to wave bye bye to his poopies, but is the real training...
Where he is starting to understand...
Tim and I took him to Target to let him pick out his potty chair, we bought Elmo's Potty Time, and let him pick out his new pull-ups...Diego pull-ups it is...So we head home. We are currently on day 3. He sits on his little throne, but nothing yet.
Yesterday, I let Ty run around naked, without the pull-up...(I have heard of that technique, where you let them run and 3 day later they are potty-trained)...about an hour later, after running free as a bird all around the house he goes and gets his pull-up...starts to try to put it on and I asked him...'Ty, what are you doing" he looked at me and said " I want diaper on" so...there goes that least for now, haha.
Here is our little drummer boy...He is playing the song "brown girl in the ring" (a childrens game in Jamaica) by the Wiggles, He LOVES it! Here he is rocking out...Cheers...or as Ty now says "peace out" while giving the peace sign...(Thanks Uncle Jordo)haha

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

So our little sweetie is 2!!! Can you believe it! We have had a busy week! On his birthday (the 8th) Tyler, his daddy and mommy went to Port Discovery. He had a BLAST! He loved all the different was cool. THEN it was off to celebrate our little rockstar at Hard Rock Cafe. He kept his cool shades on and rocked the whole time. They yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER for the whole restaurant to hear and he ate it up! After that we headed home to attempt a nap...but since he had a little one in the car, it didn't last. We ended up at Chili's for dinner with Poppy, Mom-mom and Auntie...He LOVED his ice cream. ;) So it was off to bed, for the next day was his party! He had a Curious George Party...Mommy made him a cake, but also had one made with the picture shown here. Such a 'cool dude'! He had such a great party with all of our family and friends! Thank you to everyone for coming!

We head to the Dr. for Tyler's 2nd year appointment...I cannot believe its been 2 years!

Cute story...last night, I was putting Ty to bed and I hugged him...I said "I love you so very much" He looked at me and said, so sincerely, "Thank you!"

So, more to come...and pictures! The video section has been updated with Ty's guitar playing!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wow, Ty is two tomorrow

I can't believe that the last 2 years of my life have been blessed the way it has. This little guy has so much spunk and charisma and charm and is just so amazing. He likes to hang out with his daddy and help me work on my bikes and in the garage and around the house. When I'm outside cutting the grass he goes and grabs his bubble mower and mimics what I'm doing. Ty can count to twenty, he can play We Will Rock You on drums along with AL's ROXX YA, he knows his colors and a whole lot of animals. His favorite thing is to sing and play guitar. He absolutely LOVES to sing and he strums along as he makes songs up or finishes parts of other songs.

I love you little Tyler. I hope you have the happiest birthday you could possibly have!

I love you Candace!

You BOTH have made my life complete.


Daddy T

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ty is almost 2!!!!

I cannot believe it! Everyone always says that "they grow so fast" but good LORD! He is learning so quickly now...we seriously have to watch what we say. haha He LOVES Curious George, so now we are having a Curious George party...His current fave, although he loves Mickey, Wiggles, Dinosaurs, Cars, Backyardigans, and music...he chose "George" is very fitting, because our little money is quite curious, climbs on everything and LOVES bananas...haha Yesterday, I caught him making his own obstacle course with the sofa cusions, his backyardigans chair, his desk and bins we put his toys in. It was fun to watch, but I was a nervous wreck...I helped him make a "safer" course.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I love being a Mommy ;)

I am so blessed and so in love. Tim and Tyler are so precious. My 2nd Mommy's day! There is not a minute that goes by that I don't count my blessings. Ty and Tim made me a special breakfast, and I was woken up with the cutest "Mommy, wake up"...The sweetest words...
Thank you to my LOVES!

Happy Mommy's Day Candace!

Today is Mother's day. Ty and daddy woke mommy up with breakfast and eggs shaped like a heart. For Mommy's day, we bought Candace a new camera so she can continue to take awesome pictures of TyTy. She loved it and was very surprised.

We love you Candace, have a great day!!!

Love Ty and Daddy.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sentences...So cute!

Sweet TyTy is putting words together. Today, already...he said "I eat...Eggs?" He asked for eggs for breakfast. Then I was working on resizing some pictures in photoshop and he was sitting next to me watching. He said, "Awww, Tyler face, I Cute." The other day, Tim came home from work and was being silly with Ty, and he said to Tim, "You funny". Sigh....I guess we gotta REALLY watch what we say! haha

I cannot believe he is gonna be 2 in a month!!! Here is a picture of our baby growing up WAY too fast!!!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

All better!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. Ty battled this virus all week, and he was quite the little trooper. Here is a little pict show for you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Please say a prayer...

Our sweet Tyler spent the evening in the ER last night. He has had a fever of 105 and it has been tough to keep down. He has a virus, so antibiotics will not help him...It has to run its is so heartbreaking. He is such a little trooper. He had to have an IV put in to draw blood, X-rays...and so on...They were amazed at his temperment with such a high fever. Please pray that the fever breaks soon and he can get back to playing outside.
Thank you...
Ty's Mommy and Daddy

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tyler - 22 months already!

Can you believe how fast Tyler is growing up! I cannot keep up at all! we all have been sick for a while now...its gotten us good, but we had our first day out today. We went to music class with Ty's friends and then to the park. I am so happy that the weather is warming up again. beautiful 70 degrees!
Ty is talking so much more lately, and he sings songs so well, he picks them up pretty fast. It is the most beautiful sound in the baby's voice. Sigh...
My baby is becoming a little boy....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life is SO good....

Tyler just amazes us every single day. From blaming daddy for having the stinky diaper to knowing every single thing we are saying and having an opinion on stuff, it's just amazing. I'll be like "Ty do you like this?" and he'll say "no" or "yes" and its just SO cool. Like Can said he is singing every single song he hears. He knows the words to all the songs. The other day we were in the car and we heard him singing his lullabye in the backseat without any help. It was so cool. He even sings songs in Spanish. He says elephant and giraffe and so many other words its hard to keep up these days. He says complete sentences and is just the smartest little guy. He wants to be just like daddy. He rides his tricycle around the kitchen so fast and lifts the front wheel off the ground cause he watches Motocross with daddy and thats what they do. He knows how to pedal his tricycle and is just SO fast on his blue razor scooter. The other day we were wrestling (he's SUCH a boy) and he stepped on daddy's plastic cup and I said go put this on the counter and come back and we'll finish wrestling. He ran RIGHT over with the cup, put it on the counter and came back to wrestle. It was so cool. I was doing something else another day and said here give this menu to mommy and I'll be right over. He took it and went over to Can and handed it to her and I just thought that was the coolest thing. He likes to work on daddy's bike with him. I just bought a gas powered power washer for my bike and the deck and house and he was outside with me spraying the house and washing the cars. Very cool....

Ok, I'm babbling....

Daddy T