Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ty is an amazing little boy. We are so very blessed. He is almost finished his 1st grade school year...and will be 7 soon. Its just hard to believe.
He is into everything, TKD, soccer, and now Lacrosse. We are busy people at the moment :) haha
He had his first LAX scrimmage today and he did so well. He was so aggressive and strong. He was all over the field was so fun to watch.
Ty is an awesome reader. He LOVES chapter books now. He was on the honor roll again (called PRIDE award at his school).
Ty is an amazing big brother. He is so good with Chace, so patient and caring. Chace will pull his hair, pinch him, but Ty is so mature about it. Ty reads to him, and teaches him things, dances with him. Ty also tries to change his diaper (tough because Chace is tough to wrestle...haha), and feed him. Ty is just one cool kid.
Ty also likes to help cook... he can make his own mac n cheese in the microwave. He loves being independent.
We love him so much!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Its safe to say, Ty had a pretty fantastic Christmas! He was such a joy to be around and got some great toys for sure! His favorite was Skylanders. Its a video game, and he loves that... He got clothes, lots of games, video games, Video racer car, adventure set, stuffed toys, phineas and ferb, bolt, board games, etc... Lots of video games for sure!!! He goes back to school tomorrow and we are all a bit sad. I loved having him home. When is spring break ;) I love my little Ty. Well, big boy Ty. :)
His new tooth is growing in, and two more are lose. Oh my!
He is just growing up so very fast.
He is a sweetheart!

He also had a blast on New Years!!! We celebrated with some friends :) Ty had a blast with Katie and Chris...thats for sure. :) Happy 2012!!! Here's to another beautiful year!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

All Ty wants for Christmas is one front tooth!!!

Well! Ty has lost his front tooth..the tooth fairy gave him $10!!! What a lucky little man :) He looks so cute missing a tooth, but its so sad too. :( He is growing up so very fast! He is having such a fun time this holiday season! We recently went to see the train garden at Kenilworth Mall and visited Santa. We got a wonderful picture! Cooley came back and brought his little Elf buddy for Chace :) Ty has had lots of fun with them. He is really enjoying the magic of Christmas!!!
Ty is doing really well in school, getting 100% on all of his tests, doing his homework right away...still rocking the TKD and playing soccer! He's a busy young man for sure! We just adore him!!! Hard to believe he is 6 1/2 years old!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Big Bro!!

I have to post this because I know its possible that this all could change...but at this rate I doubt it :)

Tyler LOVED his baby brother. He is so sweet to him. He pays so much attention to him, includes him...occasionally jealous, but I think thats normal. So yesterday, I was feeding the baby and Ty asked if he could...(mind you, he could have played on his computer, watched TV, played with toys)...however he wanted to feed his brother. So I let him. He talked to him as he fed him, so sweet. He uses this soft, sweet voice with him...Chace just looked up adoringly with his big brown eyes. It was a moment. Then the other night he wanted to read to I sat them on the couch. It was so touching to see. He didn't just read it, he had expression as though he was putting on a little show. Chace was captivated. I will cherish that. I am just loving watching this sweet bond form. I love them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ty Loves Reading and Heavy Metal

Tyler reads so well, I cannot begin expressed how amazed I am. Last night we were reading a book...he picked a particular long one, however he was doing the reading so I let it go past bedtime. Much like when he eats his veggies, it makes me so happy, so when he wants to read, I LOVE IT. He tackles big words without fear and I am so proud.

Tyler is also growing ups so fast... the other day he was playing music on his computer in his room. (Daddy has it super fixed so that he can limit websites, has the school math and reading websites accessible, and even watch what he is doing on his computer downstairs...we want to encourage his use of a computer like its an everyday thing...). So in one instant, my 6 year old became a teenager.  I go in to check on him in his room and he is ROCKING out! He loves all sorts of music, but in particular old school heavy metal. He loves the sound of the screaming guitar. I asked what he was listening to he said "Take These Chains Off Me..." Judas Priest is one of his favorites. And so it begins.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our active 6 year old...

So Ty is playing Soccer AND still doing TKD. He wants to do it all, and as long as he is happy, we will support him. We promised each other to never make him do something he does not want to do because we want him to. This morning he had a soccer game at 8:30am... ouch! haha (Esp since his baby brother decided he wanted to be awake at 4am). He did so well... he broke away from the pack a few times dribbling down the field. He is learning the sport so fast. Right after, we packed up and Tim took him to TKD. I am so proud of him :)
Getting ready for family fun day!!!

Ty is a funny kid...

I just love that Tyler has a quick sense of humor, alas, boys will be boys and sometimes you just cannot help buy laugh. We  dug out one of Ty's old Leapfrog activity tables for Chace... It teaches ABC's and 123's etc in English and Spanish... it also teaches colors... and well, we know blue in spanish is azul... however on the toy it can sound like A-hole... he quickly figured it out and Tim and I let go and let the silly humor explode, ( explaining it is just between our family...that it does not leave this house or do we share with visitors until he is He gets it. With that said, we spent about 20 minutes laughing hysterically at random sentences. For example, our dog Lucy was acting up and Ty said "Lucy is being an..." and pressed the "azul" button. For some reason we all were no good. Then he said, "Tyler is an..." and was smart enough to press green instead. It got a little crazier... but I wanted to remember this silly time in his little blog. Good times for sure!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ty Ty is growing so fast...

So last night Tim and I pulled up some photos on our PS3 and later on the computer... Its amazing how fast Ty is growing. He is becoming this little man before our eyes. Just last year he looked so little. We looked at photos from Disney and from when he was a baby... Its just so hard to imagine. He is growing up to be this amazing kid, with a wonderful sense of humor, and a beautiful heart. Its so amazing to see him with his little brother, and how much he loves him.
Ty is also doing amazingly well in school.
He recently was tested to see what reading level he is and what reading group he would be placed. This is what the teacher wrote in regards to me asking about the testing... "Tyler did a fantastic job. He is an excellent reader. The other day in science, he was the only student in the entire class who was able to read the word organism. I was very impressed!" According to the word lists they sent home, he is well beyond a 3rd grade reading level. He is also very proud of getting "green" everyday. That means the teacher does not have to correct his behavior. I always worry...even though I trust my kiddo, I am not there to watch him. He is on his own. I am proud of that. I also love that as soon as he gets home, he sits down to do his homework right away. I love that that habit is forming.

Ty is playing soccer now and loves it. He has instinct and he is pretty fast. Hard to believe the season is almost over. He is also still taking TKD and has his blue belt.
Halloween is fast approaching! He is going to be Captain America and looks so adorable! Chace will be his partner as the Incredible Hulk and Lucy is Wonder Woman!!!
Its gonna be great!!!