Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hello Hello! Ty is almost 20 months old! We had a rough couple of weeks, poor little guy had a vicous cold and he has 4 or more teeth coming in at one time. He has handled it so well. Poor little guy.
It is AMAZING the amount learning that is going on. He picks up things so fast. Mommy and Daddy gotta watch what they say...haha He is trying to tackle the big words now...and it is so funny. He says 'Dinosaur' pretty well. He knows all of his Disney characters...Mick, Min, Tutoe (Pluto), Goo (Goofy), saisee (Daisy) anold (Donald), and WHY you ask? haha we are getting ready to take him to on his first trip to Disneyworld!!! We cannot wait! We are counting down the days. Ty's mom and dad are celebrating their 10 year anniversary!

He loves to sit at the table to eat now. He does not want the booster or highchair, he likes sitting like a big boy. IT is so funny, when I give him a snack I will say, "Please go sit at the table and Mommy will get some for you.." He goes right over and climbs up on the chair and waits patiently. It is precious. I also noticed that he is still using his sign language along with the words. When he wants more, he signs it and says 'mor peez' It is precious.

He loves practicing the ABCs and counting...He can point to certain letters and he counts to five with a 6 and 7 thrown in sometimes. Everything is red, which is funny, because everything used to be boo (blue). He LOVES to color. This is such a fun time. I wish I could bottle it all up and save it. Sigh...

I better get some rest (Mommy is sick now too) ... more later...


Monday, January 08, 2007

All kinds of firsts

Tyler has been growing SO fast lately. It seems that each day he learns 20 new things and surprises us. Last night Candace said "Tyler Christopher..." and he replied "Minx". It surprised Candace and she proceeded to call everyone we know so they could hear him say it. It was so cute. He also pottied on the toilet for the first time a couple days ago. The next day he was watching motocross on tv with daddy and he immediately ran over to his little bike and tried to make it jump by lifting the front wheel up in the air. He drives his razor scooter around the kitchen so fast and steers so well its scary. Can't wait to see how he does outside. He can repeat pretty much any word we tell him and he totally knows what everything is now so he gets less frustrated communicating with us and telling us what he wants.

Ty's growing up so fast. ...sigh.

Daddy T

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!!!

Ahhh, my sweet little Tyler...WOW! Another year has come and gone. Unbelievable. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting and counting the minutes till I could meet my new little one...Now he is almost 19 months old. Christmas was absolutely fantastic. Tyler was so adorable. So innocent and happy. So filled with joy and excitement. IT is true that you can live Christmas over again through their eyes. I see everything so much better, with so much more appreciation. Ty has taught me so much.

He is growing so fast, talking so much more. He counts, and they might be jumbled, haha, but it is so darn cute. His favorite numbers are 3, 6 and cute. And everything is 'blue' but he does say red, green and purple pretty clearly. The other day I was watching a show, probably a hallmark commercial...haha and I started getting teary...Ty came us to me and said "Whats a Maddah(matter)" It was so precious. I just scooped him up. He makes me so happy.

Tim has been so busy, he is building a playroom in the basement for Ty. He has been working so hard, but it is coming along and looking fantastic!!! I cannot wait!

So, here we are at 2007, so many wonderful things are in store and I am looking forward to every second. I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!!!