Monday, January 23, 2006

Tyler is growing so fast!!! Update...

~Tyler can clap his adorable little hands. It is soooo cute. He is so proud of himself with himself when he does it. He squeals with delight. (His Mommy does too).

~Tyler is coming closer to crawling. He lifts up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He also can move all over the place crawling on his belly. He is like the cutest little alligator moving all around, as soon as he gets to his toys he puts them in his mouth. He is a little biter! heehee

~Tyler is doing really well with eating. He is a pro at feeding himself gerber rice puffs, biter biscuits and zwieback toast. He can pick it up with his index finger and thumb. It is funny when he grabs it with his fist because he tried to put his whole fist in he mouth. I bought a cookbook on making baby food. He is gonna be ready for stage 3 soon!

~Ty is finally on a pretty good schedule. Naptime, bedtime,...he is doing pretty well. I think he likes the routine. He LOVES bathtime. heehee

We can't wait to see all of Tyler's new little friends. They are all growing so fast. It seems like yesterday I was counting down the days till delivery. Whew...he is 7 1/2 months old already! I can't believe it!

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Strike a Pose!!!

Tyler LOVES the camera. He is sooo

used to his Mommy snapping away he sits
and smiles and poses. Even if it takes a couple
extra seconds. It is so funny. We went to Tim's
dad's on Sunday to celebrate Christmas a little
late. I took like 25 pictures and he smiled for each one. Tim's sisters were cracking up and telling me to take another. Tyler is such a ham. He was loving it. Here is one of the shots where he turned and posed. He is such a good little baby. We are so blessed.

We went to the Dr. today for a follow up on his ears. Tyler's ear infections are all gone! YAH! Now we know that it is his teefers that are giving him trouble. He wants to bite everything. He has even bit down on his lip twice and it bled a little. IT just breaks my heart to see him have any sort of hurt or ache. I have no idea what I am gonna do the first time he skins his knee, or God forbid ever broke anything! Stitches! Uuuugh! And Tim can't wait to buy our little one a dirt bike. Daddy, Mommy is having second thoughts.
I am gonna be one of THOSE over-protective Moms aren't I? Hovering over him like a hawk...Sigh...He is growing toooo fast already, I need to stop thinking about that, eh?!

Oh well, my little roo is ready to eat...gotta run!

Love to all,
Tyler's Mommy

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fatherhood is amazing.

I don't know how we ever went through our lives without this little guy. It is hard to imagine what we did or how we felt a year ago before Tyler was born. I just sit and watch him and think that he is just perfect and we are the luckiest people in the world. When I'm down or feel unhappy, I just look over at him and he gives me the biggest smile and all my problems just melt away. It is so awesome to be able to just make a stupid face and watch him crack up like I'm the funniest person in the world. He has such an amazing personality and is so full of life and happy and giggly. We are so blessed.

I can't wait until he is old enough to utter 4 little words...

I love you daddy.


Candace, I love you. You are an amazing wife and an even more amazing mommy.

Daddy T

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Our little Rockstar!

Here is one of Tyler's newborn pictures....WOW...In 1/2 hour, Tyler Christopher will be 7 months old! (yes I should be sleeping)Can you believe it! He is growing up so fast.

Poor little dear..Tyler's had his first real cold. He woke up Wednesday morning with a stuffy nose and cough. I used the saline baby spray, cleaned his little nose, took his temp., gave him a vapor bath, baby tylenol, cuddles...just tiny wimpers from him before he would fall asleep in my arms throughout the day. Well, his cough got worse, so I called the Dr. to see what I could do to help his cold. She wanted to see him, so we ran off to the Dr. Suprisingly he had an ear infection in BOTH ears. Poor dear. He is on antibiotics. He is being so sweet. He is not irritable, or crying a lot, just my happy little baby. He will tug on his ears here and there, and tilt his head, but for the most part you would never know. He is just the happiest little guy! He is feeling better now.

Tyler is on the verge of crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. He tried so hard, but sometimes he ends up moving backwards. It is so cute. Watching him play with his toys is amazing too. Watching him discover new things... It is so cool.

Oh, and Tyler may have said "Hi" We all have heard it once or twice...but we can't rewind to see if our ears are correct. hehee Stay tuned!!!

Anyway, where is Daddy's blog?

Here is a picture of Tyler rocking out!!! heehee

Love to all!


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Happy New Year!!! Love Tyler, Tim and Candace
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