Sunday, March 29, 2009

Currently observing...

I am currently observing Tyler playing on his computer. He has navigated to his own personal picture folder... they are of our trip to Disney World last December. He is looking through the pictures and remembering all the things we did. It really warms my heart, I gotta tell ya... and I am so amazed at how he is using this computer. Dude, you are 3. haha

Ty is doing a great job at Tae Kwon Do... He got another star and his red and blue stripe. He absolutely loves it.
He is going to be in a breaking board competition on April 25th at the White Dragon Festival at the school :)

Today we went to Ellie's birthday party... (Ty's cousin and my God child) She is 6 already... her brother will be 5 and Ty will be 4. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Happy Birthday Ellie! We went to Hot Pots and Ty painted a monster truck bank. Very cute.
It takes a week until we can get it I think... I will have to post a pictures. Very cute and fun party :)

Anyway, just loving my boy :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ty Ty

OK, so life gets crazy busy and it can be hard to keep up. I don't know how people with more than 1 handle it! haha
And Ty is a pretty good kid. I have been overwhelmed lately and feeling stressed... but he must sense it cause he is cracking me up today... He has ANOTHER cold, so he is staying home from school today.

Here is my handsome boy...
From Last Import

Today he asked for a snack... so I looked in the cabinet for the "Curious George" jellies... as we call them. I could not find them, but I looked and looked I finally did... he said to me... "You are such a silly woman"... WOMAN? Did he really call me "woman"...
Then a short while ago he hurt his foot... he didn't cry, but proclaimed "This is the worst day of my life... first I sneeze, then I hit my foot... now what?" so he leans on the couch and falls into it and says.. "sneeze, foot and now my belly...uuugh" I hope in all his life, those are the worst things that happen :) Of course I didn't mention, I had to kiss his hurt foot, which happened to be near his toes, and I was not getting the right place.. he was serious, until he started cracking up, realizing he was making me kiss his stinky foot... Nice Ty!

Ty started Tae Kwon Do and LOVES it. HE is adorable and is doing well. His instructors are the best and really know how to teach and love these children. I really enjoy watching the class and and so proud. He is had a handful of classes, has broken a board, does poses and punches, and counts and says certain words in Korean. I am just loving it.

Yesterday we re-joined the Zoo... We used to go all the time and I just loved having that as an outing with Ty and the family. After that, we got something to eat and then watched Ty drive his RC Car and Tim fly his airplane... he is pretty skilled at it.

Taking after Mommy

Chillin at the Zoo

Here is the Ty on the bridge just before Daddy scared the heck out of him... I will let Tim explain that one :) haha

The tree slide

The cutest and fastest little turtle you have ever seen... :)

Here is Daddy expertly flying his remote control airplane :)

Here is Ty's RC monster truck... yup, thats his dirt flyin!

More to come....