Monday, October 30, 2006

Time is FLYING...

It's hard to believe that Tyler is almost 17 months. He is going to be Pablo from the Backyardigans for Halloween and he is SO adorable in his little costume. He is talking up a storm and is so smart. When we tell him lets go bye byes, he runs and gets his shoes so we can put them on him and goes and stands by the door and says "go, go". He gets mad if we don't go immediately, so we have to be careful not to get his hopes up too soon before we are ready to leave. ha ha. He is talking jibberish like you wouldn't believe. He even throws in words he knows into the jibberish. He'll be like blah blah blah blah GO blah blah blah YES blah blah. It's really cute. He uses his hands while he is talking and expresses himself with them the whole time. He knows when we say get Woody and Buzz or get Pablo or get Eunequa, he'll run over and grab those stuffed toys and bring them over. He also knows the difference between a blue ball and a green ball and is learning so fast.

I keep saying it over and over, but I can't imagine my life before him. He is a blessing and I am so proud and happy to have him in our lives.

Daddy T

Monday, October 16, 2006

Holy Pumpkins Batman!!!

Hello Hello!!!

Hope everyone is well! It is October 16th ALREADY! Can you believe it! Tyler turned 16 months old as of Oct. 8th. We have had a blast taking our little guy all over. We went to Weber's Farm last weekend and Huber's Farm this weekend to pick out a pumpkin. He tried to lift one up and it was too heavy for him (I have it on video) so he opted for two baby baby pumpkins. He carried them all around, it was so cute. He is just the cutest little guy.

He is soooo lovable. He gives lots of hugs and kisses. He blows kisses with a BIG MWAHHH! I just love it! He has been saying all sorts of new words. The newest ones are "Banana" (and the sign for it) and "Get it!" It goes with a fun game he plays with his Daddy... He loves to "GO" "More" "Fan" "Doggy" Kitty" "Moo" "Car" "Woof" "Quack, Quack", Pablo (Pa-Bo) -(from the Backyardigans), "Yeah, Yeah", Doodlebops - sounds like "Dibizz",...I can't think of anymore right now, but I book I read said to write the new words down said how amazing it is for the amount of learning that happens now. He LOVES to have full blown conversations in jibberish, so FUNNY...using his hands to explain...Needless to say, we are entertained!

There are a TON of new pictures that will be springing up in the next few days...AND VIDEO!!! I know it has been forever, and yes I found my charger, so we are back in business.

Happy Monday!!!

Love to all!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whew!!! Gotta catch up!!

We know, we know...we are so behind on the pictures! I think we missed a month! We have had a busy month that ended with a beautiful wedding! My brother and new sister were married on Sept. 30th. Tim, Ty and I were in the wedding too. Tyler was adorable in his little tux. We were worried about him walking down the aisle. He did so well. He held Emilee's hand and he walked down with the biggest smile on his face. (It was as if he knew how wonderful this day was.) I was so proud of my little guy. Aunt Deb and Uncle Eli took such wonderful care of him during the wedding. Ty was quite the little dancer and LOVED the band. He stood right in front of them and danced...Uncle Todd came up to me and said, "Wow, he has rhythm...he is moving in time with the music!" It was precious.

More updates to come along with a TON of pictures! I am just getting used to the new mac laptop.


Love to all!


Happy Wedding!!!

Congratulations to Uncle Jordo and Aunt Megs!!!