Thursday, February 05, 2009

We're BACK!

That picture is for Aunt Kathy, who so lovingly reads this, who is an artist and art teacher :) Thought you would like this Kath!
This was taken today, and he told me he made it for me cause I deserved it. Love it!

Ty has had a pretty fantastic year so far! He LOVES school! We have battled some sicknesses, all taking our turn. ;) Had a fantastic trip to Disney (working on that trip report now.. here is the link... pictures and all :) I am up to Day 5

We just got another Wii again and Ty loves it. He picked up the bowling and baseball pretty fast. It is wild to see him turn into this little grown boy all of a sudden. How did that happen?! He is teaching me how to play. haha

Ty is into The Power Rangers... ever since he saw them in person in Disney World, he has been enamored with all things power rangers ever since. I have learned so much about this show that has been on since I was a kid. haha They have different shows and teams each year and he knows which ones are Mystic Force, or Space Patrol Delta... etc.. Oye! haha Its very cute. Especially with all the poses and "hi ya" sounds. haha I am happy he still fancies his Disney shows though...

Ty still loves music, loves the Jonas Brothers... cannot wait to take him to see them in the movies 3D. He will just love it.

I will check back sooner than later! Thanks for reading!