Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Day After Christmas!!!

Wow. Yesterday was incredible. Bringing Tyler down the stairs to see the pile of presents Santa left him was awesome. He looked over at the tree and saw his battery powered Go Kart and ran right over, got in and started driving it around the house. Santa was very good to Tyler, he brought him a video game to learn with on the tv, a go kart, a bubble mower, a book that helps you learn to read, and his grandmama and poppi got him a 5 piece drum kit. He LOVES it and makes the cutest face when he hits the drums with the sticks. The little guy actually has really good timing. He got a ton of other stuff too, and I'll let Candace list all the rest (along with a pict), I just wanted to get on here and mention the great time we had and how generous everyone was to our little guy.

Tyler is talking so clear now and says so many new words. He knows yes and no, he asks for juice and most foods by name, he knows car, bike, motorcycle, lawnmower, Pablo, Elmo, drum, and all the others we've mentioned in the past. Talking to him now is actually like talking to a little guy and no longer like talking to a baby who doesn't comprehend what you are saying. Tonight he brought over his boot and said "boot". I said "do you want daddy to put it on your foot?" He said "yes". I said "well go over and get your other boot and daddy will put them on for you.' He went right over and grabbed the other one and brought it to me. I said "hop up on the couch and daddy will put them on you". Dang if he didn't climb up on the couch and hold his foot out. It was soooo cool....

Tyler gave me a St. Christopher (his middle name) medal to wear around my neck when I go riding on my motorcycle. It says, "To My Daddy. Be safe. I love you. Love Tyler".

I love it.

Daddy T signing off...

Ho Ho Hoooooo....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Its almost Christmas!!!

So!!! December is flying by and Christmas is less than a week away! What a MONTH! Ty is growing so fast before our very eyes. I want to bottle this time up so I can save it forever. His cuddles with his little head on my chest, his hugs and how he blows kisses, his little jibber jabber, his impersonations...the Donald Duck voice, the mickey mouse voice, Santa's HO Ho Hoooo, how he gets so excited when he sees Christmas lights. Tim and I like to drive around and show him and out car is filled with squeals, "WOWs" and "Cooool!" We have been working on "Time-Out" which I tried a few months ago...some of you might remember, it was FILLED with Ty's laughter. He didn't get the whole "punishment" thing. So we are trying again. He listens most of the time, but his toddler curousity is getting the best of him. Hence the re-decorating of out Christmas tree...as all of the ornaments are making their way to the top section. He LOVES to climb now, even more than before...as he gets to the top, he says "Get down" (almost in a disco jive sort of way) but really he is echoing the words that we keep telling him. So yesterday I did the whole "count to three" bit...I said "0ne, two..." Tyler goes "freeee!!!" Yeah, needless to say, biting my lip once again as he is the funniest little guy in the world.

At his 18 month check up...
Ty is 34 inches (75-90th percentile) and 29 lbs, 7 oz (90th percentile)

I love my little gent so much. Sorry we have not been up on pictures and video...times are BUSY BUSY BUSY...as I am sure everyone can relate.

In case I don't get back here before next week...Have a beautiful holiday and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Congratulations to my cousin Stacey and Troy as them welcome our newest sweet cousin Owen Christopher yesterday!!! We cannot wait to meet him!!!


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy December!!!

We have been so busy! Tyler and I have been Christmas shopping like crazy...he is such a trooper. We went to a Christmas Bazaar today...Santa was there. Ty was so shy, he was not to fond of the real deal. haha He LOVES Santa...just not up close and personal. haha

Ty has started to really pick up words. Since this is his blog, Daddy and I are thinking of all his new words...hmmm, lets see...Santa, Ho Ho Ho, Ru (for Rudolph), fren fry (thats a new one today, we were out to lunch with his grandma and Auntie...and he wanted something, and he was signing more and pointing. I was trying to guess, and he finally goes 'fren fry'. It was so clear...such a funny little guy..., apple, bops (for Doodlebops), Moe, DeeDee, Mickey, Casey (our dogs), he calls
me MaMa now...and it is the sweetest sound. He still loves to look at his Daddy's 'coolcool' for Motorcycle, Car, Moon, tree (tee), Juice, ka-ker (cracker), WOW (but like Woooow!!!), Pluto, Donald Duck, Ball, Chicken, Boat, Choo Choo, Book, Doggy, Kitty, Go, Poppy, Auntie, lovey, ahhahhh (for gentle), teeth, ...He is singing along to songs...It is wild to watch him pick up things so fast. He LOVES his books. He will sit there for the longest time, and just look through the pages, he will speak is baby language, and throw in a word or two...like his book that has apples in it, he will act like he is reading and just throw the word apple into the mix.

Ty is LOVING his new buddies, Gus, Conner, Joshua, Leeza...We are getting ready for our big Christmas party!

I am really enjoying being Tyler's Mom. I am so blessed and lucky...honored really, to be able to wake up each day and share my life with him. His little soul is wrapped so tightly around my heart, I can't imagine what life was like without him.

May you all enjoy the holiday season...can you believe it is December already!!!