Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So cool...

Ty has been in his big boy bed a lot now with naps and everything and he falls right to sleep (knock on wood). Mommy did this great thing where she pulls the rocker up to his bed and reads him a couple books before bed (I think she posted that) and then when she leaves he falls right to sleep. how awesome!?

On another note, we signed Ty up for preschool today. He starts in September for a couple hours a day (by himself), which is gonna probably be harder on us than him. He is riding his "motorcycle" with his feet raised and has amazing balance and is such a daredevil. He is getting so big and is just the funnest little guy I know.

Daddy T

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, Tyler is a big boy...well he slept like one for the first time last night. We went shopping the other day and Tyler picked out Thomas Train bed set for his BIG BOY BED. He was so excited. So Daddy and I planned for yesterday to be the BIG day. We talked about it all day yesterday, that it was the BIG DAY and Tyler was so excited. He was ready. When Daddy got home, they got all the tools together. Daddy took the big side down (convertible crib) and Mommy assisted. It is the cutest little bed. I will have to get a picture soon. Tyler and I took his new bedset to the laundry room and Tyler put it in the washing machine. He was so excited to wash his own sheets. I think Daddy and I were a little nervous, not knowing what it would be like. The BIG transition. We read a story, said our prayers and Mommy sang 'Somewhere over the Rainbow" and kisses goodnight. He cried a little, and we checked on I am sure it was scary. I sang once more and said goodnight. I cried of course. I would never take my baby boy out of his crib ever again. Maybe I am the one having a tough time with the transition. Anyway... I was well rested and ready for it to be a LONG night, but it was not. He was so good and proud. When he woke up, he called for us. He understood that he was not to get out of bed. So cute. When Tim went in, he climbed out. What a GOOD boy, huh?!

Potty training is going really well too! He tinkles on the potty. He is a little afraid to poo right now. No pressure. When he is ready. We talk about it all the time, but we don't want to force the issue. I will take tinkles for now. We have a sticker reward chart. He is so proud to put his sticker up. He gets one for going, for flushing, for washing his hands, cleaning his toys, sitting at the table to eat, etc... His little reward chart is full. haha

He is learning so much. Talking so much. Growing too fast.

This week is triangles, the color yellow and the letter A
So cute!

So much has happened since Christmas. As some of you may know...the 3 of us were really sick. I think my WHOLE family was. Anyways, Ty started off with croup and he has allergies... Mommy too. I am so worried about Tyler getting asthma too (like me). We had 3 cats. My allergies have gotten worse and I could not even pet them without a glove. I loved them so much. We found them 3 really nice homes. They even get to sleep with the new owners. I am so happy they are happy. I miss them very much as we all do. We have 2 little doggies. Casey, who is diabetic and Sebastian. Tyler loves them. He was just talking to Sebastian (Sebby) and said "Come here Sebby, He's my cute little boy" It this cute little voice. Such a sweetie. Sebastian is warming up to Tyler.., Casey still runs away. haha

We have gotten out and caught up with family and friends. We saw Aunt Dawn and Baby Joey. We did our Christmas and went to lunch. It was so nice to see them. Joey is growing up so fast! He is 7 months old already! Time flies. We also go to see our cousins Aunt Stacey and Baby Owen, who is almost not a baby anymore. He looks so grown up! He is a year old and took his first steps...practically walking, he crawls SO fast. Owen and Tyler are gonna grow up to be good buddies. So cute.
We still have some christmas to catch up on... We have to see Aunt Erin, Uncle Pat, Ellie and Adam, Uncle Jay, Aunt Leslie and Ty's new cousin who will be born real soon...Aunt Sheryl, Noah and Michaela, Aunt Diane, Aunt Deb...the holidays were rough. Hopefully we can see everyone before Easter!

Congratulations to our friends Irene, Kevin and Ty's good buddy Gus as they just welcomed their little girl Anthipi Irene! They are going to call her Anne, but i just love Anthipi...very original. She is named after Irene's Mom and Mom in law. Welcome little one! We cannot wait to meet you!

Here is a picture of Ty...The big snow day! He helped Mommy shovel!

More coming soon!