Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ty is officially a 1st grader!!!

Its hard to believe our little baby boy is now a big bad 1st grader. He is growing up so very fast, its insane. He is such a sweet child, but has his mischievous moments of course. Its so hard to not laugh, but we do out best. He is very inquisitive now. He asked us if during the day, do all of the moths hang out by the sun? He is always thinking. He has quite the imagination... he put a rockstar outfit together, it was so cute...and then last week, put his snowsuit on (August) and created a Donkey Kong costume... I love it when he uses his imagination. He is such a clever little man.
Ty is quite the reader... we discovered that at a minimum he is reading at a 3rd grade level. We were impressed.
He just got his blue belt in Taekwondo... it was tough for him cause it is so much to learn..but he worked hard and passed the test! So impressed!
Ty also just started playing soccer... he loves it and I think he is gonna be quite the soccer player :)
Ty is also an amazing big brother!!! He loves his baby bro, but his baby brother LOOOOVES Ty... he is so interested in everything Ty does. ITs cute to watch their special bro-bro relationship.
We love our little Ty!!!
Who is now a big boy Ty... sigh.