Saturday, August 18, 2007

BUSY summer

Tyler is growing so so fast! Its hard to keep up...and we have been so busy. We got a Zoo membership and it is wonderful!
we have been like 6 or 7 times already. haha Last week we went with Ty's cousins Ellie and Adam and his Aunt Erin...the next day with his buddy Conner and Ms. Cappy (Cathi). We went today with his buddy Luke (Looouuuke) and his Mommy and Daddy...He loves it! I am sure we will be heading there again! We met Curious George at Barnes and Noble last friday. We took Auntie Alexis with us and met Conner and Gus there and their Mommies (Ms. Irene and Ms Cathi)...and we hit Chik Fil A after. It is so awesome to watch his friendships grow...holding hands with his cousins at the Zoo, or playing trains and going on adventures with Conner and running and laughing with Luke. So much fun.

Ty is talking more and more everyday...and he is just such a funny kid. He literally make tears stream out of my eyes from laughter. I know it will only get better.

My fave thing with Ty...We have a Mommy and TyTy thing....
He curls up on me and it is the sweetest thing. He works it though and I eat it up. Tim will say, "Ok Ty, Time for night night"...and he will say "No, no, no, Mommy Cuddoools.." LOVE IT!

Anyway...working on more Disney...I have a few days left to do, and I will post the completed report.

Yucky rainy day...I think I might slap on Ty's rain boots that Aunt Sheryl gave him and go jump in some mud puddles. :) Unless the thunder hits.

Love to all!