Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh my goodness!

The last time we wrote on this here blog was the First Day of School! haha We are so behind the times! haha

A little lovely quip from a moment ago...
"Ty just said, "Can we watch the Disney show, cause I am excited to be there." Yup, made me teary.
Then he came over, gave me a big sloppy snotty kiss on the cheek and said "Thank you Mommy!"

I am in love.

Yes, we are venturing back to the magical land for the Christmas celebration once again! I cannot wait, nor can Tim, and its a beautiful thing to see Tyler filled with the same love and joy for that place!
We get to visit Tim's brother and sis-in-law...Uncle Jerry and Aunt Judy :) in St. Augustine. Its so great that we get to see them every year.

Ty is suffering from a horrible cold once again. He had the croup 2 nights ago and now has the lingering horrible cold. He is the most pleasant little sick man :) God love him.

He is doing really well in school. He got to have the class bear for a week and we took it all around with us. He played guitar, rode bikes all that fun stuff with the bear. Tyler grew very fond of this little bear. He named it Cooley Bear. Of course. The little bear slept in his Thomas sofa next to his bed. He misses that little bear. So sweet. It was cute to watch him take care of it. He loves school, loves his teachers and they love him. He has a lot of friends, of course Chris and talks about I guess they are buds too.

Ty has an incredible sense of humor. He started making up his own jokes, while they may not make much sense, sometimes they are so random, they crack my stuff up.

Right now, we put the tree up...yeah, yeah, I know...its not even Thanksgiving yet, however, why not start the season early. It goes by to fast anyway! haha

Hope everyone is well! Hope to post some pictures soon!