Monday, December 31, 2007

Sitting here

...waiting for the ball to drop. Ty is fast asleep in his bed. We all have pretty bad colds and Ty and Mommy have ear infections. Poor things. The house is full of loud coughs and hacks and things that go sneeze in the night. uggghh...

Ty and Can are both on antibiotics and hopefully they will get some relief in a day or so. TyTy is being such a trooper. You'd never know he was sick. Me and Can on the other hand...

Well anyway, here's to an awesome 2008 (with hopefully another trip to DeeDee World)...

Daddy T

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This year really flew by fast! Its unreal!
So much as happened, its hard to keep up! haha
We had a blast in Florida and Disney! (Still working on the trip report) and had a lot of Christmas Parties and shopping to catch up on. Like a whirlwind, it is over in a flash! We had a wonderful Playgroup Christmas Party! We did a Secret Santa with the little ones. We picked Eleni's name and had fun buying girl presents (well Mommy did) and Chris picked Tyler's and got him a cute Bob the Builder tool set with a hat and all. Adorable! Poppy's Birthday party, MaCheri's birthday party...he's been busy! Maybe too much dear little one.
Poor Tyler has an awful cold. It started a few nights ago when he woke up with Croup. I actually had that as a child, so luckily I knew what to do...otherwise, it is the scariest thing in the world. For Tyler and us. Tim wanted to call 911 because hearing your child try to breath and this awful cough sound...its horrible, but I explained to him it was croup and I took Ty in the bathroom, turned the shower on to steam it up and tried to calm him while Tim called the Dr. When I took him out of the bathroom, his cough lessened and he started to feel better. He still had the at 4am, Tim, Ty and I watched The Santa Clause and cuddled on the couch. He slept with us and we went to the Dr. He gave him some medicine and told us that he will probably have a horrible cold and cough that will last for weeks. He was right. Ty has a mild temp and is coughing and sneezing and you can tell he feels horrible. He didn't get to see the family over Christmas...but hopefully we can make up for it as soon as he gets better.
Christmas Eve we did our tradition of Tim reading Tyler 'the Night Before Christmas' and picking out cookies for Santa before bed.

Here is a pict of Ty and Mommy

What Santa left for Ty!

Ty was not sure what to do since he knew he was not supposed to touch anything around the tree (decorations, bow on christmas presents...etc) He said "FOR ME" and we said "Yes Ty, Santa got you a guitar!" and he says in the sweetest voice, "A guitar, for me (hands on his chest), its mine?" It was precious!

Here is Tyler opening presents and he was so cute with the most sincere "THANK YOU" for each one.

REMOTE CONTROL MONORAIL! (He LOVED the monorail in Disney)

Back to the guitar!

Relaxing in the little Thomas train sofa that MaCheri(grandma) and Poppy got for him!

Ty got so many nice presents! Everyone treated him so nicely! He has been such a good boy!

My loves!

Mommy got a beautiful Anniversary ring from Daddy! Tyler handed me a little box last night and said "Here Mommy, open it, its for you!" I was shocked! It is gorgeous! Daddy and Mommy were not supposed to exchange presents (as Disney was the BIG gift..haha)

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and an beautiful 2008!!!
God bless us everyone!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mini Preview of our trip...

Still in Disney...LOVING it... The holiday season is beautiful here. So many Christmas decorations and lights and gorgeousness! Cinderella's Castle Christmas lights alone are amazing, tear triggering, take your breath away beautiful.
Seeing it through Ty's eyes in beyond words. Magic...simply magic!
YES...i will be rocking a trip report for this one too!
Here are some pictures in the meantime...

Ty playing a song for Mommy in our room.

You can Fly, You can Fly, You can Fly....

Ty and Mommy riding on the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom rocking the ears!

Tyler meeting Winnie the Pooh...He LOVED him :)

Tyler and Tim riding in a little motor boat at our cute!

Tyler and Tim watching the Wishes stage show...awww

Monday, December 03, 2007

On the beach in St. Augustine

Hello everyone...we are in Disney...our first stop was St. Augustine. I thought I would post this sweet picture.