Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Video games!

I cannot believe how much Ty loves video games... of course they are on a time limit... as I tell him his brain will turn to mush. If he gives me a hard time, I just walk over, put my hands on his head and give a little squeeze... and say "OH NO MUSH!!!" and he will turn it off right away. I know... maybe I am a horrible mom, but it cuts out a tantrum and his brain actually turning to mush from too many video games! haha

We have been doing little activities... like cooking, or working on his letters, painting. He loves doing all of that stuff, but his most favorite has been reading books. He LOVES to read books. Its precious. It warms me heart ;)

Today we are making jello jigglers for the first time ever. We have 2 hours left of fridge time, and he cannot WAIT! haha ITs too funny!

He also got his BLUE belt in Taekwondo! I am so so proud of my little gent!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My little Man

Sigh... I cannot believe it is August already. When grown ups would tell me, "Don't wish your life away? Time flies as you get older? They grow so fast!!!" They were not kidding. Here we are, double digits in August and gearing up for "back to school"... I just cannot believe it!
Ty has been doing well. We have had a could zoo trips, and he has become a little fish in the pool. We go to my parents house a lot and practice. He is quite the little guppie. So precious. We hope to hit the beach for a day or 2, but we are really getting excited about our trip to Disney again in 113 days! I am sure that will be here sooner that I can imagine! So close, yet so far away.

Ty is just this lovable, grown-up little man. We have our share of temper tantrums, but he is extremely lovable. Just a little cuddle monkey... while becoming so independent.

We finally had his 4 year old checkup. He LOVES Dr. Feldman. We LOVE Dr. Feldman. he just knows what to do... I know, I know... he is a Dr. but I completely trust him. Ty loves him too, they were joking and being silly. He talks to Tyler, not us... well, us, but Ty is the patient, and he feels so important. Its nice. He brought out the needles... uh -oh.. I was nervous, but he did one arm and told Ty to say Jimi Hendrix rocks.. Ty was stunned so Dr. F told him that he didn't say Jimi Hendrix rocks.. that takes the pain away... haha, so a couple minutes later, he was doing the other arm and Ty said real quick Jimi Hen rocks... we all laughed, it was cute. Ty didn't cry AT ALL! His feelings were hurt and turned to Tim and said, I am ready to go now. haha It was funny. He eventually forgave Dr. F... had his hearing and eyesight checked and all was good!
Ty weighs 39 pounds and was 41 inches tall.
I got a bit teary at that point as I flashed back to all his previous yearly weigh ins... I pretended I was sneezing and needed a tissue.
I am a wimp.

Anyway... just checkin in!!!
Hope all is well!