Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ty Loves Reading and Heavy Metal

Tyler reads so well, I cannot begin expressed how amazed I am. Last night we were reading a book...he picked a particular long one, however he was doing the reading so I let it go past bedtime. Much like when he eats his veggies, it makes me so happy, so when he wants to read, I LOVE IT. He tackles big words without fear and I am so proud.

Tyler is also growing ups so fast... the other day he was playing music on his computer in his room. (Daddy has it super fixed so that he can limit websites, has the school math and reading websites accessible, and even watch what he is doing on his computer downstairs...we want to encourage his use of a computer like its an everyday thing...). So in one instant, my 6 year old became a teenager.  I go in to check on him in his room and he is ROCKING out! He loves all sorts of music, but in particular old school heavy metal. He loves the sound of the screaming guitar. I asked what he was listening to he said "Take These Chains Off Me..." Judas Priest is one of his favorites. And so it begins.