Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ty Ty is growing so fast...

So last night Tim and I pulled up some photos on our PS3 and later on the computer... Its amazing how fast Ty is growing. He is becoming this little man before our eyes. Just last year he looked so little. We looked at photos from Disney and from when he was a baby... Its just so hard to imagine. He is growing up to be this amazing kid, with a wonderful sense of humor, and a beautiful heart. Its so amazing to see him with his little brother, and how much he loves him.
Ty is also doing amazingly well in school.
He recently was tested to see what reading level he is and what reading group he would be placed. This is what the teacher wrote in regards to me asking about the testing... "Tyler did a fantastic job. He is an excellent reader. The other day in science, he was the only student in the entire class who was able to read the word organism. I was very impressed!" According to the word lists they sent home, he is well beyond a 3rd grade reading level. He is also very proud of getting "green" everyday. That means the teacher does not have to correct his behavior. I always worry...even though I trust my kiddo, I am not there to watch him. He is on his own. I am proud of that. I also love that as soon as he gets home, he sits down to do his homework right away. I love that that habit is forming.

Ty is playing soccer now and loves it. He has instinct and he is pretty fast. Hard to believe the season is almost over. He is also still taking TKD and has his blue belt.
Halloween is fast approaching! He is going to be Captain America and looks so adorable! Chace will be his partner as the Incredible Hulk and Lucy is Wonder Woman!!!
Its gonna be great!!!